UFO Tracts and Pamphlets

Greetings my friends.

Can your heart stand the shocking truth about UFO belief in the 50s?

In that far off time the alien space brothers were seen as our best hope for surviving the threat of atomic war. These tracts, lovingly scanned and published for your edification, were written by true believers. They lived in hope that the saucer sightings heralded a new age of enlightenment and the possibility that our species might be uplifted by more advanced species.

A far cry from the greys and reptilians feared by the generations to come. I hope you enjoy them


by T. James

Part 1

New Age Publishing Co.
1542 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles 26, Calif
Copyright 1956

From the time I was capable of intelligent thought, I always regarded as completely baseless the assertions made by astronomers and other scientists that life on other planets was an impossibility. Brought up in the Christian Science religion, I preferred to attribute to my Heavenly Father the ability to make on other worlds creations and creatures immeasurably superior to those whose squalid activities have turned this planet into a place where all now walk abroad in fear of being seared into oblivion by new engines of a perverted science.

I became interested in flying saucers through reading the well- known books on the subject, which fascinated me completely. I read Keyhoe, Wilkins, Cramp, Jessup and a dozen others, all of whom wrote from varying viewpoints and with varying conclusions as the origin, purposes and nature of the flying saucers. The result for me, as for everyone else who has read these books, was a confused state of mind as to just exactly what was going on; are they friendly, or hostile? If so, how friendly and how hostile?

Did God Create a Devil?
by Herbert W. Armstrong

The Bible pictures the whole world under the sway of an invisible devil. Where did he come from? Did God create the devil to tempt us and to try and lead us astray? Here are the answers from Gods Word!



Radioned to you by Other-World Intelligences
in Reaction to Man's Destructive Action.
Copyright 1952

* * *


Since the advent of the spaceships in the skies people have started to think. Never has such a controversial subject been discussed by the people of the world.

The irony of it is: that the authorities, who know what these visiting ships are, have chosen to keep the public in confusion and ignorance on the subject...


The Story of the Mitchell Sisters

By Helen and Betty Mitchell

Saucerian Publications, Clarksburg W. Va.

An Address Delivered by Helen Mitchell at the Buck Nelson Convention June 28, 1959

* * *

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Since many of you have never heard our story before it would hardly be proper for us to go into a lengthy discussion of what the Space people have told us without first telling you how we came to meet the Brothers.

Two years ago, in May of 1957, Betty and I were in a downtown St. Louis coffee shop. We had been shopping and had stopped off to get a coke and refresh ourselves. While in the coffee shop we were approached in a very mannerly way by two gentlemen dressed in grey suits, who managed to interrupt into our private conversation. As they spoke to us we found that they were from a huge mother-craft orbiting the planet Earth, and that their names were Elen and Zelas...


William Ferguson

"Welcome to Mars."

"We have brought you here," said Khauga, "to verify some information concerning the planet Earth, and to acquaint you with an expedition we are planning to make to the planet Earth." Khauga, I soon found out, is the chief Uniphysicist of our Solar System. Events leading up to this experience began back in 1938, on July 9th, when the illumination of my consciousness began to be manifested...



A. W. BEARNE (Paignton)

Evidential reports of sightings of "U.F.O's" (Unidentified
    Flying Objects) over a period of 18 years, including that
    observed by the author (30 October 1958), Air Force
    personnel, and many other persons throughout the West
    country and other parts of Britian.


In the year 1940, I (through mental telepathy) received the following message: England will lose this war, the U.S.A. will be drawn into it materially. There will be more American Troops in Europe this time than before. American forces will land on the West Coast of Africa and advance overland to Europe. American military might will conquer immediately after the conclusion of this war. There will appear strange objects in the skies about the Earth. The people will hear many wonderful stories concerning these objects, some to the effect that the Earth is being menaced by outer planetary forces. It will be your job to tell the truth about these strange objects, where they come from, by whose authority they are here, and for what purpose they have appeared at this time...