BBC Micro Programs

While digging in my archives I discovered some code which had slumbered on paper for nearly 4 decades. Printouts of programs I wrote at school, on the BBC Model B micro computer. The BBC was an excellent computer at its time, with many extra features that most people had to wait decades for. The advanced sound and graphic capabilities were ground breaking, including and ENVELOPE command which enabled the programmer to design a sound in great detail, and multiple video modes which made it easy to switch between fine detailed diagrams and colourful (but blocky) animated sprites.

The two programs I found were ENVALL and GRAFALL, which were compilations of different routines other students and myself wrote while learning to use these machines. After a lot of typing, nostalgically reminiscent of punching in code from computer magazines back in the day, I had something which worked.

ENVALL code as text file
GRAFALL code as text file

ENVALL running on Owlet BBC Basic emulator.
GRAFALL running on Owlet BBC Basic emulator

ENVALL and GRAFALL on a SSD disc image to load into a desktop BBC emulator.