Music For Big Game Hunting

"2SER - Music for Big Game Hunting.
Sit yourselves down, and have a martini, and listen to some music, for big game hunting. Rather!

7-8th April 2000

7-8th April 2000 Side A
7-8th April 2000 Side B
This week (7 April) MFBGH will be featuring the following CDs:

V/A 'Split Series 1-8' (Fat Cat)
Dat Politics 'Villiger' (A-Musik)
Scanner/David Shea 'Free Chocolate Love' (Quartermass)
Stereolab 'Dots and Loops'
V/A 'Storm of Drones (Asphodel)
Suicide 'Zero Hour' (Live in 1978)

Artist, 'Track' Release (Label)

1...Aesop Quartet,      'Egyptian Knights'
Wire Tapper 4   (The Wire)

2...Sergev Kuryokhin,   'The Situation of the Asian Proletariat in America'
New Music from Central and Eastern Europe       (The Wire)

3...Dat Politics,       Track #7
Dat Politics    (A-Musik)

4...Kimmo Pohjonen,     'Anastaja'
Wire Tapper 5   (The Wire)

5...Clive Graham,       'One End of the Time Pad'
Wire Tapper 4   (The Wire)

6...David Shea/Scanner, 'Theme from Smootchy Smootchy'
Free Chocolate Love     (Quartermas)

7...Felix Kubin,        'Bruder Luzifer'
Film Musik      (A-Musik)

8...Eye,        'Herd Under Social Hypnosis'
Politics Can Be Fun     (Blatant Propaganda)

9...Muslim Gauze,       'Zahedan'
Mazar-I-Sharif  (Soleilmoon)

10...Bally Sagoo,       'Choli Ke Peeche'
Bollywood Flashback     (Columbia)

11...Badmarsh & Shri,   'Gharana'
Dancing Drums   (Outcaste)

12...Suicide,   'Mr Ray'
Zero Hour (Live in NY 78)       (Red Star)

13...Suicide,   'Las Vegas Man'
Zero Hour (Live in NY 78)       (Red Star)

14...Suicide,   'Four Horsemen'
Zero Hour (Live in NY 78)       (Red Star)

15...Lou Reed,  Excerpt from Metal Machine Music
Cage/Uncaged    (Cramps Records)

16...Swans,     'Where Does a Body End?'
The Great Annihilator   (Young God Records)

17...M Gira,    'My Birth'
The Somniloquist        (Young God Records)

18...Darren Copeland,   'Maritime Vision'
A Storm of Drones       (Sombient)

19...Antimatter,        'Flyback Transformer'
A Storm of Drones       (Sombient)

20...DJ Spooky, 'In the Valley of Shadows'
A Storm of Drones       (Sombient)

21...Paul Dolden,       'Veils' (except)
A Storm of Drones       (Sombient)

22...Public Image,      'Banging the Door'
Flowers of Romance      (Virgin)

23...MC 900ft Jesus,    'UFOs are Real'
Hell with the Lid Off   (Netwerk)

24...Jello Biafra,      'Overpopulation & Art'
Gage/Uncaged    (Cramps Records)

15-16 April 2000

15-16 April 2000 Side A
15-16 April 2000 Side B

PANASONIC, 'Kulma' (Blast First/Mute)

MIKA VANIO, 'Ydin' (Wavetrap)

ARLING & CAMERON "Music for Imaginary Films" (Emperor Norton)
Fitting together lots of familiar motifs and vintage touches, their spazzy 
punchy cheesy horn-punctuated bounce aims a little more for the dancefloor 
(esp. on '1999 Spacelab'), mixing in jungle beats under dominant horns and 
theremin. These should give you an idea of what's here: A mock- Hitchcock 
soundtrack slams stately with thunderous emphasis and steady beats. A disco 
track appropriates the melody to 'Fly Like an Eagle'. A fake 
spy-soundtrack/dub theme for a drug-sniffing dog yields a half-smile. 
Ornamental sitars and tabla glide over a easy pop/country loping song that 
nearly turns into the "Sesame Street" theme. Somewhere between '70s TV 
themes, lounge, and disco -- silly, brainless pop with a wink. [RE]

COYLE AND SHARPE "Audio Visionaries: Street Pranks and Put Ons" (Thirsty 
At first listen, the work of Coyle and Sharpe recalls that of Bob and Ray: 
tag-team comedy delivered in the driest possible manner, with both partners 
playing the straight-man role as they conduct a series of outrageous fake 
interviews with each other. The difference here is that Coyle and Sharpe's 
outrageous interviews are real, and involve a third, unwitting partner. The 
pair spent hundreds of hours trawling the streets of San Francisco, 
microphones in hand, politely confronting the Man In the Street with all 
kinds of absurd situations. They offer imaginary jobs that resemble medieval 
tortures, solicit volunteers for bizarre surgeries in the name of market 
research, and so on. Their delivery is impeccable, lending them such 
credibility that the elicited responses become the real punchlines, even 
more surreal than the setups that provoke them. One listens, amazed, at what 
the Average Guy can take seriously. [AL]

URI GELLER "s/t" (Fork Bender, UK)
When Rhino Records launched their "Golden Throats: Celebrities Sing!" series 
in the mid-'80s, they overlooked the prodigious talents of Mr. Geller, whose 
voice and, uh, 'phrasing' quite nearly rivals his status as 'the world's 
most celebrated paranormalist'. Growing up in the '70s it was impossible to 
miss Geller's astounding acts of mental kinesis on television: common keys 
and metal utensils were bent by the sheer will of his mind before astonished 
audiences on the "Tonight Show", the "Mike Douglas Show", etc. But clearly 
his greatest feat of all was securing the contract that resulted in this 
fascinatingly silly recording. This album originally appeared in the '70s, 
resulting from poems and song texts where Uri expressed his thoughts and 
feelings about human beings, life, love and the universe. As a genuinely 
scary kitsch tour-de-force, this CD is unsurpassed. Marvel at the 'heavy' 
orchestrations as Uri is accompanied by a cosmic choir! Thrill as he duets 
with a Karen Carpenter clone! Amaze your friends as Uri lisps his way 
through not one, but FOUR different language versions of "Mood", the album's 
mind-bending psychedelic finale! Uri was most recently  spotted in the 
"National Enquirer" preparing to sue the Pokemon juggernaut for naming one 
of their bad-guy monsters "Ungeller". [JG]

Artist, 'Track' Release (Label)

1...Panasonic,	'Teurastamo'
Kulma	(Blast First)

2...Mika Vaino,	'Vain'
Ydin	(Wavetrap)

3...Panasonic,	'Hahmo'
Kulma	(Blast First)

4...Farmers Manual,	'DSP Kill'
Touch Sampler.3	(Touch)

5...Stereolab,	'Ticker Tape of the Unconscious'
Dots & Loops	(Elektra)

6...DJ Spooky,	'Variation on a Freight Theme'
Freight Elevator Quartet	(Caipirihna)

7...Rehberg & Bauer,	'Opla'
Touch Sampler.3	(Touch)

8...Bruce Gilbert,	'Voice'
Touch Sampler.3	(Touch)

9...Mika Vaino,	Siirtyma'
Ydin	(Wavetrap)

10...People Like Us,	'Yodel Cuckoo'
Hate People Like Us	(Soleilmoon)

11...People Like Us,	'Barbed 4 People Like Us'
Hate People Like Us	(Soleilmoon)

12...People Like Us,	'Keep Going Weewee'
Hate People Like Us	(Soleilmoon)

13...Antediluvian Rocking Horse,	'The Curious Advance'
Music for the Odd Occasion	(Psyharmonics)

14...Coyle & Sharpe,	'Three-Ism'
Audio Visionaries	(Thirsty Ear)

15...Arling & Cameron,	'1999 Space Club'
Music for Imaginary Films	(Emperor Norton)

16...Takako Minekawa,	'Fancy Work Funk'
Fun 9	(Emperor Norton)

17...Dat Politics,	(untitled track 2)
Dat Politics	(A-Musik)

18...Gene Moore,	'Carnival of Souls'
Carnival of Souls	(Birdman)

19...David Shea/Scanner,	'Theme from Moon Landing'
Free Chocolate Love	(Quartermas)

20...Uri Geller,	'Mood'
Uri Geller	(Fork Bender)

21...Arling & Cameron,	'Zona Sul' (Coctail Mix)
Music for Imaginary Films	(Emperor Norton)

22...Coyle & Sharp,	'Maniacs'
Audio Visionaries	(Thirsty Ear)

23...Uri Geller,	'The Day'
Uri Geller	(Fork Bender)

6-7 June 2000

6-7 June 2000 Side A
6-7 June 2000 Side B
ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, 'Community Music' EP (London Records)
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN,	'Silence is Sexy' (Mute)

Artist, 'Track' Release (Label)

1...Asian Dub Foundation,	'The Judgement'
Community Music	(FFRR)

2...Mouse on Mars,	'Sehn Sud'
Macro Dub Infection II	(Gyroscope)

3...Gareth Bowen,	'Bernie Lee'
Product of the Environment	(Durban Poison)

4...Orbital,	'Plant of the Shapes'
2nd Album	(Internal)

5...Lydia Lunch,	'Lydia reads Henry Rollins'
Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven	(Widowspeak)

6...Einsturzende Neubauten,	'Dinysaller'
Silence is Sexy	(Stumm)

7...Otomo Yoshihide,	'Film maker from Kreuzberg'
We Insist?	(Sound Factory)

8...Death Cube K,	'Hanging Gallows'
Disembodied	(Ion)

9...Scanner,	'Rivers & Bridges'
Sound for Spaces	(Sub Rosa)

10...Asian Dub Foundation,	'Rebel Warrior'
Community Music	(FFRR)

11...Coyle & Sharpe,	'Cart Procurement'
Audio Visionaries	(Thirsty Ear)

12...Extended Organ,	'Frankenstein'
XOXO	(Birdman)

13...Death Ambient,	'Prophesy'
Death Ambient	(Tzadik)

14...Keiji Haino,	'Even Now, Still I Think'
The 21st Century Hard-Y-Guide-Y Man	(Tokuma Japan)

15...Fushitsusha,	'The Halation born between you and i who were doomed to 
appear in form'
Gold Blood	(Charnel Music)

16...Kimmo Pohjonen,	'Anastaja'
Wire Tapper 5	(The Wire)

17...Chasm,	'Phonn'
Split Series 1-8	(Split)

18...Ryoji Ikeda,	'C7 Continuum'
0 degrees C	(Touch)

19...Kury,	'Nie Martu Sie Janusz'
New Music from Central & Eastern Europe	(The Wire)

8-9 July 2000

8-9 July 2000 Side A
8-9 July 2000 Side B
[V/A] "Early Modulations: Vintage Volts" (Caipirinha)
The sequel, or, rather, prequel to Caipirinha's "Modulations" soundtrack, 
which, as both a film and a recording gave an overview of contemporary 
electronic music culture. This, too, is an overview, but of early electronic 
music (covering pieces from 1939-1967).  Includes Pierre Schaeffer's 'Etude 
aux Chemins De Fer', John Cage's 'Imaginary Landscape No. 1' and Morton 
Subotnick's 'Silver Apples of the Moon'.

[V/A] "OHM: Early Gurus of Electronic Music, 1948-1980" (Ellipsis Arts)
This collection exposes the history of academic electronics and 
electroacoustics in all its thoughtful and sometimes contrived glory. The 
shifts from the academia and the scientific sound studio into loose-limbed 
extrapolations and sprawling improvisations are documented. Timbre-matching 
from track to track, there are rhythmic pieces (Hugh LeCaine, Raymond Scott, 
Reich, etc), fantastical excursions (Tudor, Riley, Oskar Sala, Jean-Claude 
Risset, Louis and Bebe Barron), experiments with the voice (Charles Dodge, 
Robert Ashley), the conceptual (LaMonte Young, Maryanne Amacher), and where 
musique concrete turned into ambient music by the late '70s (Jon Hassell, 
Alvin Curran). Split between pieces of tape manipulation and 
electronically-generated sound, the artists (and technicians) here display 
their tools and how they're used. On the way, they reveal that sometimes the 
best art comes from limitations in process.

Artist, 'Track' Release (Label)

1...Swans,	'Mind Body Light Sound'
The Great Annihilator	(Invisible)

2...Lydia Lunch,	'Lydia Reads Selby'
Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven	(Widowspeak)

3...Mrs Murgatroid,	'X The Man with the X-Ray Eyes'
Through Alien Empires	(Japan Overseas)

4...SETI,	'Reverberation'
Above Black	(Ash International)

5...Kraftwerk,	'Radioactivity'
Radioactivity	(Capitol)

6...Einsturzende Neubauten,	'Sonnenbarken'
Total Eclipse of the Sun	(Mute)

7...Coil,	'The Sea Priestess'
Astral Disaster	(Solar Lodge)

8...MEV,	'Spacecraft'
Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music	(Ellipsis Arts)

9...John Cage,	'Imaginary Landscape No. 1'
10...Luc Ferrari,	'Tete et Queue du Dragon'
Early Modulations: Vintage Volts	(Caipirihna)

11...Edgar Varese,	'Poem Electronique'
Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music	(Ellipsis Arts)

12...Max Mathews,	'Bicycle Built for Two'
Early Modulations: Vintage Volts	(Caipirihna)

13...Steve Reich,	'Pendulum Music'
14...Alvin Lucier,	'Music on a Long Thin Wire'
15...Morton Sobotnik,	'Silver Apples on the Moon'
Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music	(Ellipsis Arts)

16...Vittorio Gelmetti,	'Treni D'onda A Modulazione'
Early Modulations: Vintage Volts	(Caipirihna)

17...Joji Yuasa,	'Projection Esem Plastic for White Noise'
Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music	(Ellipsis Arts)

22-23 July 2000

22-23 July 2000 Side A
22-23 July 2000 Side B
KLANGSTABIL: Gioco Bambino (Plate Lunch, Germany)
"Gioco Bambino, the recent CD release from the German duo Klangstabil 
includes 12 tracks of Gameboy electronics that range from simple melodies 
that could easily be used as themes for childrens' television series, to 
speedy, crackling, rumbling and noisy tracks. All of these tracks have been 
recorded directly onto DAT in realtime by using only a Nintendo Gameboy with 
an additional Gameboy Camera cartridge (which wasn't used to take pictures 
with, but as a primitive mixing desk) and some simple effects. There are no 
samples, overdubs, or additional instruments mixed to this recording later 
-- all you hear are the gameboy sounds recorded directly onto a DAT 
recorder."  [review from]

STEEV HISE "Original" (Illegal Art/Cha Bashira, Japan)
In a wobbly, choppy manner, the instigator of "Deconstructing Beck" from a 
few years ago turns his ear to the reign/stranglehold popular American (and 
sometimes Canadian) culture has had on, well, culture in general for the 
past 40 years. Hise's the virtual son of John Oswald and the Tape-Beatles, 
as fed through CalArts. Covering 1995-1999, his work relies on not the tape 
edit but the altered CD, with layers of familiarity rather than altered 
realities. He spins your head with so much recognizability that you're 
gasping for mental air after a piece whizzes by.  Short, poppy cuts of 
familiar songs are interspersed with longer, ambient works that might just 
be patchworks of altered guitar solos. Very catchy, even when it's nearly 
making you vomit from vertigo induced by speed-switching. Includes a nice 
version of the national anthem made from skipping CDs and decay.  [review 

Artist, 'Track' Release (Label)

1...John Oswald, 'Shane'
Discosphere	(Cuneiform)

2...Alec Empire,	'The Jailhouse Cock that Rocks the Most'
Alec Empire V Elvis Presly	(El Loco)

3...Scanner V DJ Spooky,	'Journey & Edison'
The Quick and the Dead	(Sulpher)

4...Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshihide,	'Tension'
21 Situations	(Dame)

5...Machine for Making Sense,	'The Dissection'
Dissecting the Body	(Split)

6...John Oswald,	'Field'
Discosphere	(Cuneiform)

7...Public Works,	'Desire'
Music with Sound	(Staalplaat)

8...Ape has killed Ape,	'We Want Guns'
Mattricide	(A True Classic)

9...People Like Us,	'Lycra Rally' (Death in June Remix)
Hate People Like Us	(Soleilmoon)

10...Stock, Hausen & Walkman,	'Schmink'
Oh My Boy	(Hot Air)

11...Toshio Matsura,	'Theme from Lupin the 3rd'
Readymade Records	(Bungalow)

12...Public Works,	'Earlids'
Music with Sound	(Staalplaat)

13...Klangstabil,	'Un Testardo Rumoroso'
Gioco Bambino	(Plate Lunch)

14...Steev Hise,	'How to Use Borrowed Ideas'
Original	(Illegal Art)

15...John Oswald,	various tracks
Kissing Jesus in the Dark

16...Steev Hise,	'Return of the King'
Original	(Illegal Art)

17...Klangstabil,	'Il Pidocchio Allegro'
Gioco Bambino	(Plate Lunch)

18...Vladislav Delay,	'Notke'
Entain	(Mille Plateaux)

19...Iannis Xenakis,	'Hibiki-Hana-Ma'
Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music	(Ellipsis Arts)

20...Klaus Schulze,	'Melange'
Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music	(Ellipsis Arts)

25-26 August 2000

25-26 August 2000
25-26 August 2000
This week (25 August) MFBGH will be featuring:


Originally released in 1984 by the American cassette-only label ROIR, 2x4 
was out of circulation for some years before this timely CD reissue - a poor 
state of affairs considering it's their only full length live document to 
date.  As a compilation recorded at
various European concerts between 1980-83, 2x4's noise quality can get 
rough, but it is nevertheless well-framed, capturing the group during their 
most elemental phase, when improvisations were the rule and the triumph of 
the non-musician was complete.  Its admixture of noise and quiet captures 
the Berlin group in all their utter visceral starkness.

Quiet is not the first word that comes to mind with EN. And yet it's here in 
abundance. Certainly there is also plenty of noise to process on tracks like 
"Fleisch 'Blut Haut' Knochen" and "Sehnsucht (Nie Mehr)", featuring Blixa 
Bargeld's hellish wailing. But within all this, the momentous rhythms are 
underpinned by underlying oscillations, a signifier of constant 
restlessness. Elsewhere scratchy guitars and a dry, whispering rasp of a 
voice conjure an almost medieval sense of horror. Historically, numerous 
articles about Neubauten have stressed their version of physical theatre, 
where bodies have been miked and beaten, while elsewhere they've recorded 
the sound of someone sawing chunks of meat. These are spectacular 
strategies, which owe more to a version of sonic actionism a la Hermann
Nitsch than is often realised. But the effort gone into "Zum Tier Machen" 
and "Sehnsucht (Still Stehend)" suggests that these are voices ripped from 
profundity itself. Indeed, as the latter takes up the momentum of a 
juggernaut, it bursts the noise barrier into new spaces: haunting pipe 
sounds, inexplicable tickings and a strange echoing tremulando, like a 
battery of mutant surfing guitars. After this, "Durstiges Tiere", a song 
mutated out of a 12" recorded with The Bithday Party's Rowland S Howard, 
seems tame by comparison.

Artist, 'Track' Release (Label)

1...Asian Dub Foundation,	'Assassin'
Rafi's Revenge	(Slash)

2...Muslim Gauze,	'Sulaymaniyah'
Mazar-I-sharif	(Soleilmoon)

3...BJ Snowden,	'In Canada'
Songs in the Key of Z	(Which)

4...Dr Seuss,	'Green Eggs & Ham'
Green Eggs & Ham and Other Stories	(Buddha)

5...Coyle & Sharpe,	'Eating People at a Death Ritual'
The Insane (but Hilarious) Minds of Coyle & Sharpe	(Warner Bros)

6...Pilgrimage,	'Kaenko'
Microcosmos	(Tzadik)

7...Dousidz,	'Seemless'

8...David Shea,	'Ars Nova II'
Satyricon	(Sub Rosa)

9...Naked City,	'Dead Spot'
Torture Garden	(Tzadik)

10...Giustino Di Gregorio,	'Progetto Numero 1'
Sprut	(Tzadik)

11...Einsturzende Neubauten,	'Womb'
2x4	(Roir)

12...Swans,	'Ich sehe die alle in einer neihe'
Dieturist Zu	(Young God)

13...Throbbing Gristle,	'Hamburger Lady'
Entertainment Through Pain	(Mute)

14...The Residents,	'Tooth & Claw'
Hunters	(Milan)

15...David Shea,	#5
Prisoner	(Sub Rosa)

16...Laurie Anderson,	'The Geographic North Pole'
The Ugly One with the Jewels	(Warner Bros)

17...John Oswald,	'Shane'
Discosphere	(Cuneiform)

18...Death Praxis,	'Bum Steer'
Mystery	(Tzadik)

19...John Zorn,	'Punk Limousine'
The Bribe	(Tzadik)

15 December 2001

15 December 2001

29 December 2001

29 December 2001

5 January 2002

5 January 2002

13-13 January 2002

13-13 January 2002
2SER 107.3Fm          Friday Nights 1 - 3am

Greetings and salutations touchers of the sacred alabaster stone, caress 
your fingers over it's spherical surface features and marvel
at it's poised unknowability for is it not sick.....?

Anon, this week on the Hunt your intrepid fulmatory allstars Daktari
aka Kimba the White Ghost and Dr KKlarence S. Macabre invite you all to join 
them apon a journey back in time to Tuesday the 19th of September 2000, for 
an evening with messirs Balance and Christopherson for a track by track 
interpretation of Coil's mind warping live performance at the Royal Festival 
Hall in London attended by the good doctor KKlarence and Jana of the Jungle 

Be set for heavy atmospheric turbulance this is no smooth ride and if you 
got 'em, smoke 'em......

Coil's set list for the evening is >

Higher Beings Command
Amethyst Deceivers(recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall)
Titan Arch
Blood From the Air
I am The Green Child
Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil

The good doctor KKlarence recommends listening to the second part of the set 
staring directly into a strobe light set at a frequency of your most 
esteemed pleasure chanting the mantra Colour Sound Oblivion.

Be aware the Hunt may start a little later this week but all fuses will be 
lit by 1.30.


Luther Blissett (RIP)

18-19 January 2002

18-19 January 2002
2SER 107.3FM    Friday nights 1-3am
Streamed Live

Salutations o' turners of the clay pots of doom and despair, hark, news from 
the skin of the onion, forwarded to us here within the hollow earth by none 
other that the right Reverend M. Sprong....

Repeat after me...Praise Bob...Praise Bob...Praise Bob...

Here's the nose...

HASAKE, SYRIA? When archaeologist Edward Whitson joined a Penn State
University dig in Hasake last year, he did so to participate in the 
excavation of a Late Bronze Age settlement rich in pottery shards and clay 
Whitson had hoped to determine whether the items contained within the site 
were primarily Persian or Assyrian in origin.

Above: Edward Whitson waits while yet another tortured wraith rises from a 
dig site in Syria.
Instead, he found himself fleeing giant flying demon-cats as he ran
through the temple's cavernous halls, jumping from ledge to ledge while 
locked in a desperate struggle for his life and soul for what seemed like 
the thousandth time in his 27-year career.

"All I wanted to do was study the settlement's remarkably well-preserved 
kiln," said the 58-year-old Whitson, carefully recoiling the rope he had 
just used to clamber out of a pit filled with giant rats. "I didn't want to 
be chased by yet another accursed manifestation of an ancient god-king's 

Over the course of his career, Whitson has been frequently lauded by
colleagues for his thorough, methodical examinations of ancient peoples. He 
has also been chased by the snake-bodied ophidian women of Al'lat in Israel, 
hunted down by Mayan coyote specters manifested out of lost time and shadow 
in the Yucatan, and hounded by the Arctic-sky-filling Walrus Bone Woman of 
the early Inuits.

"It's true, I've got to stop reading the inscriptions on ancient door
seals out loud," Whitson said. "I also need to quit dusting off medallions 
set into strange sarcophagi, allowing the light to hit them for the first 
time in centuries. And replacing the jewels that have fallen from the 
foreheads of ancient frog-deity statues?that's just bad archaeological 

Whitson added that he hopes one day to excavate an ancient Egyptian
monastery or marketplace without hearing the ear-splitting shrieks of the 
undead while being swarmed by green-glowing carnivorous stink beetles.

"I realize I'm entering grounds that are considered sacred to these
people," Whitson said. "But that doesn't mean I deserve to be pelted with 
poison-tipped darts shot from cavern walls. A simple 'Do Not Enter' sign in 
hieroglyphics would suffice."

A dig in Yalvac, Turkey, is once again disrupted by the occult.
Turning to the subject of his latest incident at a dig site in Peru,
Whitson maintains he was not at fault for summoning the forces of evil.

"I was just idly rearranging flint sickle blades that had already been 
catalogued. Apparently, I spelled out the true name of a long-dead 
Whitson said. "Can't a man even clean up his work area without inadvertently 
conjuring up a pack of lightning-breathing ocelots?"

Making matters worse, such encounters have had little to no scientific

"It's always, 'I will drink your soul' or 'I will chew the flesh from your 
bones' with these hellish apparitions," Whitson said. "When I ask them if 
that means the ancient Etruscans did, in fact, add copper to their mixing 
clay to make their urns more sturdy, they don't even seem to hear me."

Worn down by nearly three decades of peril, Whitson said he plans to move 
off the front lines to become a museum curator or in-office researcher.

"It's unfortunate," Whitson said. "Nothing quite compares to being out in 
the field on an actual dig. But the reality is, I'm really starting to hate 
almost getting killed all the time."

...strange times indeed for Ed Whitson aka "The Curse Magnet", now on to 
this weeks Hunt, three pieces to churn your bowels...

Einsturzede Neubauten's Hamletmaschine - E.N.'s soundtrack to Heiner 
Muller's play of the same name

Ground Zero's Revolutionary Pekingese Opera - Otomo and his gang remix a 
Chinese Opera from 1960, bloody intense cinemagraphic mind fuck

S.E.T.I.'s Light Shift - A mogadon stroking your panicy earlobes, recorded 
live in Brussells 2000

So sit yourself down, have a mint julip and knaw those nibbles....


Luther Blissett (RIP)

8-9 February 2002

8-9 February 2002
   2SER 107.3FM     Friday Nights 1-3AM

Salutations tribolites, hold on to your yarbles o' my brothers and
let the krovvy run with your trusty britva into the rot of some stinking 
yuppy veltchnik as the trombones and tymps call out all savvy like an azure 
sky of purest silk......................o' my brothers.

This week on the Hunt >

S      W       A       N       S

A live document from 1986 played in it's entirety of Michael Gira's 
ledgendary band recorded live in Europe at the height of their powers.
A relentlessly brutal recording specifically designed to be played at 
maximum volume. Not for the faint of heart, this recording can be said to be 
as relevant today as then with the rise of the neo fascist scum currently 
breeding across the planet.

Sharpen those knives....


Luther Blissett

16 February 2002

16 February 2002

22-23 February 2002

22-23 February 2002
   Bringing you Bad Vibrations since 1997
      2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am
        Live Steaming

Salutations o'vestal virgins of the alabaster ancient old one, this week on 
the Hunt Daktari and KKlarence are coughing up a veritable
feast for your regurgitory pleasures, purchased with extreme predjudice on 
the Chopping Channel then chewed according to the cyclic
fancies of the unknowable underdwellers and chundered up into your slightly 
afraid earlobes.

The nose on the feast, recorded live in the States Wobbly (Jon Leidecker), 
the Weatherman (David Wills) , People Like Us (Vicki Bennett)and the Jet 
Black Hair People (Peter Conheim) present a plunderiffick meltdown of 
humungus proportions presented from the Chopping Channel recorded at the DNA 
lounge San Fransisco and from various live to air radio sources in the 
States, so smoke 'em if you got 'em....


Luther Blissett (RIP)

2 March 2002

2 March 2002

9 March 2002

9 March 2002

16-17 March 2002

16-17 March 2002
 Bad Vibrations since 1997
2SER107.3FM  Friday nights 1-3am
Salutations Cosmonauts, come tickle the tentacle, come touch the stone, dig deep within your hollow earth and sail through the red heavens with your guides through the omniverse Daktari and KKlarence.
Place your tembling earlobes at their disposal, let the hunters inside your fragile minds, you are getting sleepy, your eyes feel warm and moist, you are getting sleepy so sleepy, now listen to listen to me, this evening you will let the hunters into your mind, you will give up your innards to them, now listen to me, give yourself to the Big Game Hunt, trust our judgement, trust our tentacles, now listen to me, at the count of three you will wake and have no recollection of our little chat, you will feel cold and slightly edgy, now listen to, two, three.........
This week on the Hunt the booty will run with juice, here's the nose.....

Pod is a metaphor for escape. An escape pod. On a superficial level, the human desire to escape the confines of this planet. In reality, the urgent need to leave ourselves behind and become new beings.

"Don't reconfigure your consoles. Take hard copies of all your displays. Make sure you protect any data source you have..."

 Kraftwerk Dei Mensch Maschine

Trotzdem die Platte toll ist, hier einige Anmerkungen: 1. viel zu teuer hier; gibt's bei anderen on-line Laeden billiger 2. auf der CD ist ein Fehler: bei "Das Modell" an der Stelle "hat hier alle Maenner abgecheckt" ist die stimme ploetzlich zu laut. Dieser Fehler ist auf der Schallplatte nicht zu hoeren!

Kraftwerks classic album The Man Machine in its original release format, sung in German, it features The Model, The Robots and the amazing Neonlights. Du bist ein Roboter

 Kosmos: Soundtracks of Eastern Germany's Adventures in Space

 Kosmos' collects the music from East German science fiction films and television programs, which while maybe not quite as bizarre as the "Eastern Western", is still an odd combination. In the early seventies, there was a huge interest in producing (and viewing) big Hollywood-style science fiction movies. And as we all remember, Hollywood sci-fi in the seventies was hokey and cheesy and pretty low brow -- and so '70s East German filmmakers, with a fraction of the budget/resources, still did their best to capture that essence, even if they couldn't manage the expensive special effects of a "Star Wars" or "Close Encounters". And while we haven't seen the films, we do have the music, and the music is pretty amazing and completely bizarre! The sounds range from fuzzed out psychedelic rock to Esquivel-esque lounge/exotica to lo-fi electronica, to funky jams, to abstract collages of 'space sounds', to groovy hardrock, to syrupy easy listening and there's even a 'spaced out' version of 'Singing In The Rain'. Squealing and burbling analogue synths, soaring artificial strings, wild flutes, all manner of percussion, hammond organs, 'waka-waka' porn movie guitars, and lush sixties-girl-group harmony vocals augment a pretty standard rock'n'roll set-up of drums, bass, and guitar. Plus they included some special effects sounds and German dialogue from the films. And just like the 'Ein Wigwam' compilations (not to mention the 'Schulmadchen Report'!)  these crazy sounds have us desperately trying to track down some of these films.

 UFO Crash at Roswell : An Audio Documentary

They are among us, this is the spoken truth, do not go back, everything in the future will work, all disinformation will be exposed, repeat they are among us.

Orbitones, Spoon, Harps and Bellowphones

This is a collection of 16 artists playing their self-made instruments, such as the Pongophone and the Kotar. The styles range from Uakti, four conservatory-trained Brazilian musicians who create symphonies from such instruments as the Aqualung and the Trilobyte, to Leonard Solomon and his Majestic Bellowphone, a one-man show that would be at home in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.' There are some famous names on this compilation (Tom Waits, Aphex Twin) and for you HBO fans, Stomp even makes an appearance, Peter Whitehead, who also contributes to the CD, and his spoon harp, which consists of a 10-gallon can with a stick driven through its side acting as the neck. The best part is that it uses wooden spoons for tuning keys. Musicaphrenia.

And remember, everytime you masturbate, your god kills a kitten.....


Luther Blissett(RIP)

23 March 2002

23 March 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

live streaming


Salutations o trepanners of the unknowable inner worlds of the omniverse, the Hunt cometh, the Hunters prepare even as you read, oiling the mighty pith, examining the entrails and anointing the way.

This week the Hunt shall take you on a journey though the bowels of your consciousness, a mezmerik place where you will have no control, Daktari and KKlarence shall control your brain, give yourself to the Hunt, there is no other way, there is no escape, there is no way out of this place we shall take you to.

Once there we shall travel though time, slipping between the moments as they pass leaving the mundane world behind..a real time machine.




L I  S T E N T O M E


This week we tip the mighty pith at the Midnight Star Social Club, as fine group of minions as you will ever meet, who give it all for those who need it most. They operate as a collective community centre at 55-57 Parramatta Road at Homebush and they are having an open day this Sunday from 1 til 7

Complete with lunch from Food Not Bombs, Children of Cthulu theatre an art expo and some of Hindi films finest moments. Get on down there and stroke their tentaclesnow listen to melisten to me.


Live wise Jekylswitch are puncturing eardrums down at Club 77 on William St this Saturday with a host of fiends who touch the sick stone most frequently and violently.


Here the nose on the sounds you will listen to


Coil - Time Machines (Eskaton)

Classic album (released early '98) by the trio of Jhon Balance, Drew McDowall & Peter Christopherson. It consists of 4 tracks described as "4 tones to facilitate travel through time". The tracks are names after various psychotropic chemicals and include a special thanks to the psychedelic researchers Ann & Alex Shulgin. As might be suggested, the music is immersive and deeply resonant -- brilliantly developing electronic drones.


Mezmer Ash International

Franz (Freidrich) Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), 'The Wizard of Vienna', was an Austrian Physicist who claimed he could cure diseases by correcting the flow of animal magnetism in his patients' bodies during sance-like group sessions. Mesmer was offered 20,000 livres in Paris in 1778 for his secret, but refused to divulge it.

Contemporaries established a commission to investigate these claims, deducing that any cures were due to the powers of suggestion - his audience at the time were largely from among the rich Parisian bourgeoisie, and apparently highly prone to such influences. Mesmer's claims, however, did initiate serious studies into hypnosis, especially by James Braid (1795?-1860), the originator of the term hypnotism (Hypnos = Greek God of sleep). Braid proved the personal nature of the mesmeric influence, but is little known today.

Even now there is very little serious study of hypnosis, which has been sidelined as entertainment for the masses, or a crank cure for psychic damage. Research is desperately needed to study the influence of 'the flicker effect' (induced by watching television and cinema), the new range of 'videodrugs' from Japan, or listening to repetitive sounds recorded at certain frequencies. A thorough investigation is also needed to establish the validity of using Hypnotherapy in the healing process. If hospitals and prison cells in western Europe have adopted the use of colour as a healing tool, then so could medical authorities and establishments use sound. But we need to know more.

The results of any such enquiry promise to be extraordinary.

Test yourself by using this record...observe from within how the mind deals with repetition and boredom by altering the sound - proof positive of active perception. Note that the length of the tracks has been calculated to induce the hypnagogic state. Once placed on the turntable, under no circumstances allow any interruption, or the test will be invalid.


Luther Blissett (RIP)

30 March 2002

30 March 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

live streaming


Salutations, o touchers of the wire, o voltage controlled oscillations of the lower bandwidths and transformers of the azoth, tis time to thrust the fork in the socket and take a trip into the long waves of electrical discharge.


This week KKlarence brings you hardcore ambience to rattle your trembling earlobes, so leave the whale and seal sounds at the door acolytes of the ether and remember the pygmies will not dance for you this evening, it is now time to enter the lower regions of the radio spectrum to listen to the voices of energy and the sounds of the sun.

Featured pushers of the pulsing prongs will be Disinformation, Din and UBSB, each taking us into acoustic physics of particle accelerations, encrypted data theft, geomagnetic disturbances, space physics and atmospheric-electrical recordings. Featuring the sounds of phenomena produced by electrical and magnetic storms, solar coronal mass ejection, tropical and local lightning, and also featuring contributions from Oubliette, Network South East, Eurostar, the Central Electricity Generating Board and the British Royal Navy.

Disinformation Stargate (Ash International)

Two examples of the cataclysmic effect of magnetic storms induced by surges in solar wind associated with sunspot activity - On 12 Nov 1960 American astronomers detected a huge explosion on the surface of the Sun. Six hours later a gigantic cloud of hydrogen gas, 16 million km across and travelling at 6,400 km/second, collided with the earth. Its effect on the earth's atmosphere was to start worldwide electrical storms and black out all long-distance radio communications for hours. (Jane's Spaceflight Directory, ed. Reginald Turnill, 1988-9) During the small hours of a cold Canadian night, the voltage of Quebec's.
Seconds later the lights went out across the entire province. Some six million people were without electricity for nine hours. Within two days, NASA had lost track of some of its spacecraft and the Northern Lights were glowing in the sky south of London. (Hazel Muir, New Scientist, 3 February 1996).

Disinformation Vs Various Artists Al-Jabr (Ash International)

An album of reconstructions, featuring work by Evan Parker, Tactile, Jim O'Rourke, Simon Fisher Turner, Mechos, Lawrence Casserley, T:un[k] Systems. "AL JABR is based on the albums R&D (Ash # 2.9) and R&D2 (Ash # 9.2), electromagnetic noise recordings by Disinformation. For those not familiar with the Disinformation brand name, this project consists of DJing, publishing and live performance with recordings of unusual electromagnetic (ie radio) noise. On AL-JABR itself, rather than creating antiphonal responses to the original source material, the contributors 'equate' the raw material with their own idiosyncratic input; Lawrence Casserley transforms the rhythmic intricacies of how long data noise into a symphony of crushed and shattered slates; Evan Parker's wailing saxophone complements the pulsating drones of the city's power distribution networks. The noise group Tactile take ultralongwave sub-bass radio noise generated by the TIG welders in sculpture/sound group Oubliette's metal workshop. Jim O'Rourke adds uniquely American humour and a rock 'n' roll analogue of National Grid. Simon Fisher Turner twists broadcast data noise into gorgeous rolling melodies. T:un[k] Systems pitches VLF band radio recordings of interference radiated by electrical storms against pristine lab pure sine waves. Mechos isolates individual lightning strikes and inserts them in a lattice of clicks and low frequency drones, whose deceptive simplicity belies the subtly disorientating effects of their unfolding, twisting rhythms."

UBSB Traceroute (Ash International)

"We created a Unix software agent that sat along a high bandwidth backbone pipe, essentially eavesdropping, gathering data, writing out a sound file of everything it saw... The different tracks represent different states of the network - at different times, and different kinds of data passing by

Fennez, Harding,Rehberg Din (Ash International)

This is a one-sided, limited edition vinyl, recorded live by Fennesz , Harding and Rehberg appearing for the first time together.

 A bemused - and very cold - audience witnessed the Austrian pair put to the sword various samples from the MSC Harding Ash International catalogue.


For further reading go to

Listen to the skies


Luther Blissett(RIP)


6 April 2002

6 April 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

live streaming


Salutations, o sniffers of the sweet vitriol that weeps from the eyes of the unknowable ones, this week on the hunt we shall take you to New Japan

with Microcosmos (Otomo Yoshihide and Tenko),their Pilgrimage album and other related collaborations with Japans finest featuring Ikue Mori, Martin Ttreault, John Zorn and Ground Zero.


Live wise this Sunday night from 7.30pm sees Impermanent Audio present Lucas Abela, Peter Blamey, Jim Denley and Brendan Walls down at the Frequency Lab in Hibernian House , rm107, 342 Elizabeth Street (opp. central station/dental hosp)

Heres the nose on Microcosmos >

Microcosmos Pilgrimage (Tzadik Records)

Otomo Yoshihide (turntables) and Tenko (vocals) are two of the most internationally acclaimed performers to emerge from the Tokyo underground, and have worked with some of the best musicians from around the world. Collaborating together in bands, improvisational groupings and special projects for over ten years, this is their first duo release and is the result of over two years of recording. A fascinating meeting of two of Japan's most original musical masters.

Otomo Yoshihide: turntables
Tenko: vocals


Luther Blissett(RIP)


27 April 2002

27 April 2002

                               M U S I C F O R B I G G A M E H U N T I N G

Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

                                          live streaming

Salivations o hubba hubba hunks of burning love, check your watches and be sure you know what time it is. Those lost moments can mean but one thing

A     B     D     U     C     T     I     O     N

But here deep within our lunar caverns we are here to help you (unlike the others).

Dr KKlarence S. Macabre, an accomplished mesmerist and internationally renowned authority on the unusually strange has developed a short checklist based around the characteristics of those who believe they have been taken, have you experienced

1/ An episode of missing time Many people remember relaxing listening to the radio and then being curled up beneath the toilet bowl, dazed and fearful as if wakening from a nightmare. They know that something has happened between the two points of consciousness, but they cant fill in the missing time.

2/ Disturbing dreams The abductee will dream about ancient old ones, about being pursued and captured by beings wearing pith helmets.

3/ Daytime flashbacks of abduction experiences While engaged in their normal daytime activities, abductees will flash back to some kind of hunting image, sound or pith wearing entity.

4/ Strange unnatural compulsions Dr KKlarence tells of one man who for seven years felt unnaturally compelled to dig a blood gutter at a particular spot. Under mesmerism he revealed that a ethereal being wearing a pith helmet had told him that they would play a request for him if he dug a blood gutter.

5/ A sudden interest in Music for Big Game Hunting The abductee may suddenly give evidence of a compulsion to read about, participate in the rites of or listen to : Alabaster Stones of Sickness, Yob Sloggoth, Japanese Noise Music, Cthulu, Pyramids on Mars, Chubracabras and all manner of bizarre fortean subjects and sounds without knowing why.

If you answer yes to any or all of the above statements the good Dr KKlarence S. M. strongly recommends that you listen to the Big Game Hunt this week, it may be your only hopethen again you may be doomed to eternal damnation writhing within the jaws of an unknowable evil from within the hollow earth but hey, thats just the way the eyeball tumbles.

For those who dare the Hunt this week features

COH, Vox Tinnitus (Raster Notion)
This excellent raster-noton release is really worth getting. It's a strange and intelligent little EP, with a nice balance between tightly controlled minimalism and playful goofiness. Very impressive!
"Chickenspin" is a thin and tightly controlled soundtrack for Santa's elves at work. I like the part where the boss walks in and they all get busy.
Jhon Balance's lyrics on "Silence is Golden" are wonderfully kinky, and the music on this piece, alternately jaunty minimalist pluck and dark ominous pulse, is effectively schizophrenic. As if Balance were Persephone, skipping gaily through a field of Asphodels in a little white frock, unaware of something enormous homing in... like a shift of focus from figure to ground. The way he says "My love is endless" gives me shudders. The lyrics on this are really extra-delicious, like having phone sex with H.P. Lovecraft.
"Their new polka" is wobbly and perky, like a tightly spinning jewel giving off delighted tones as it slowly runs out of energy.
"46 things I did today" is a pretty little music box tune which turns into a frantic and tense reflection of Annie Anxiety's spoken word list of activities. Her list occasionally falls into rhymes which briefly create exciting rhythms against the music...
COH is Russian (living in Sweden) Ivan Pavlov, and I see his posts on the Coil email list now and then -- what's his story? I'm suddenly a fan. - Thomas Olson

Extended Organ XOXO (Birdman Records)

"Extended Organ is a 'supergroup' of experimental sound artists whose members are culled from the ranks of that seminal West Coast 'slacker' noise cult the Los Angeles Free Music Society. The four members of Extended Organ have been improvising with sound for over two decades and although they have played together in various configurations in the past, this is the first time the quartet has ever played together as a total entity. The foursome each have active and well established careers on their own. Paul McCarthy is a world renowned art superstar. His work in Extended Organ consists of free form vocal/lyrical improvisations which play off the instrumental improvisations of the other three members while at the simultaneously setting a mood, telling a story and responding to the general ambience of the performance situation. Fredrik Nilsen is a founder of the Los Angeles Free Music Society and a noted photographer. Nilsen conceptually founded Extended Organ in which he plays prepared acoustic guitar and both an antique analog organ and a modern digital keyboard, all in an especially unorthodox style. Fredrik's approach, which acknowledging minimalist composers, spins equally from gothic horror movie soundtracks. Joe Potts is a founder of the LAFMS and mastermind of Airway, which has been called 'the gnarliest noise band of all time'. Potts is omnipresent on his chopped optigans -- instruments he crafts from dismantled 70s optical samplers. With up to 64 simultaneous samples per instrument, the chopped optigan is the ultimate drone machine. Tom Recchion is a founder of the LAFMS and member of the Doo-Dooettes and B People. Recchion uses Kurzweil, guitar, radio, CDs, etc. to accent the other instruments as well as the occasional lush crescendos. Tom also acted as producer on the record as well as mixing and processing the sound of the entire ensemble live during the recording. Three years in the making, XOXO is creepy and wonderful. It may sound like a gross exaggeration, but we are wondering if this CD might not just be the Sgt. Pepper's of noise records."

Nocturnal Emissions Drowning in a Sea of Bliss

Eleven years ago The Nocturnal Emissions recorded 'Drowning in a Sea of Bliss' in their flat in Brixton, South London: A squat if Effra Road just a stone's throw from London's busiest police station. They found a use for any noise that come to hand - bits of discarded furniture, snippets from TV news - serving to remind us that 'sampling' did not begin with beats and fragments stored on a computer, but from the very opposite, a celebration of low technology. The LP, their second, (and best) was released on their private label Sterile Records. Received enthusiastically on release the record quickly sold through it's limited pressing and soon became a highly sought-after collectors item. A cassette-only reissue through Touch in 1985 consolidated its reputation. 'Drowning in a Sea of Bliss' is an unholy noise, fixed to a ragged beat that 24-track technicians could spend hours over and never replicate. Now hear what it sounds like in its full glory, remastered for compact disc. 'Drowning in a Sea of Bliss' makes your average grunge-merchant sound like Whitney Houston with a sore throat. "Our video-clipped wings are sprouting new feathers, rising up against your film-propped-up phoney baloney corpse in choking mouth smoked out existence. We roar like thunder. We chuckle as you peer through your lace-curtained tracking TV circuit's action replay cameras. You can't monitor us - we have nothing that fits your schedule. Liars to your ratings, we are here in this mess you made, shedding like a virus. Your germ-war against us has produced mutants you can't control, and like chestnut buds we learnt from our mistakes and won't be repeating them. Strengthening we steal back now, reclaiming our ancestral memories, for their fossils fuel our 'molotovs'. Here's a little cocktail we've brewed up."


Luther Blissett (RIP)

2 May 2002

2 May 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

                                          live streaming


Salutations otraversers of the groobling gribble, it is time to worship at thee temple ov Sloggoth, hail Daktari, hail KKlarence, thrust us all into thee loving tentacles ov thee many toothed one and give unto our unworthy unmentionables a mighty vibration that shakes thee spheres with unknowable energy and deliver to thee servants and underlings.

M U S I C  T O  L I S T E N  T O  W I T H  O U R  E A R S

.thee Hunt shall take you there, to thee place ov fire, to thee hollow underworld filled with thee sounds ov great and unusual strangeness.

All at thee reasonable price, thine trembling earlobes is all we ask for, thine shaking dangling bits of little consequence, such a small price for thee secrets ov thee ages, for Bobs sake, for thee little munchkins, for thee little little munchkins let us into thee brain, we must have brains, BRAINS OF BLOOD, GIVE US YOUR BRAIN, YOU WILL OBEY.

And now thats out of the way thee nose on thee Hunt.

LANGLEY SCHOOLS MUSIC PROJECT "Innocence and Despair" (Bar None)

In 1976, Hans Fenger was hired into the Langley School District
as a music teacher. New to the task, he was impressed by the
Schulwerk method of Austrian composer Carl Orff, which involves
making music with a variety of easy-to-learn, mostly percussive
instruments. But Orff's methods usually apply to students self-
composing, or following a quite different repertoire than the one
the Langley students found most compelling. They, with the
encouragement of Fenger, picked out their favorite songs to render
in the Orff style, (one dominated by xylophones and drums, for a
gamelan-like sound). Beach Boys (6 songs) and Wings (2) were
particular favorites, but Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, The
Carpenters, Neil Diamond and more are also given the treatment. 60
angel voices singing pop songs with their own sense of phrasing
and tuning, set to a not-always-steady beat? The results are
devastating, ethereal and funny, but most of all, mystifying. Hits
you in the gut where you didn't even realize--their renditions can
make you tremble with amazement.


Luther Blissett (RIP)

11 May 2002

11 May 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

                                          live streaming

Salivations all, strap yourselves in, adjust your unmentionables, fluff up the cuddly Cthulu, touch the stone and pray to the ancient old ones. Now you are ready to have sweet honey poured into your trembling earlobes, well perhaps sweet honey is the wrong analogy, perhaps having a rabid slavering stoat doing the dance of death on your ever so private parts as the ghost of Peter Cook Past drank the last of your favourite scotch wearing your grandmothers nightie and pissing into your left ear might be the real deal, who can tell, its a strange and unusual world and these are not matters to be dilly dallying around with, time is blood said the unspeakably evil presence lurking in the memories of your childhood and there is a net to be cast for piths sake, so lets get on with it, this week the mighty Big Game Hunt brings to your dank and skanky earlobes Professor GG Borneo, straight out of borstal by way of severalunderground institutions for mental and spiritual wellbeing and psychotic thought coming right at ya (dont worry, those stains will come right off will a little Minkey oil rubbed in), chained to the mixing consol and driven to distraction, extraction and trepanation by our very own good Dr KKlarence S. Macabre, all will be told, the facts, the lies, the downright impossibilities all told in excruciating detail, an educational opportunity of the lowest order, in the gutter and down the drain of good manners and sensibility, for one night only, listen in or forever wonder.

As the worm turns it reveals more high pith antics than you can shake a tentacle at, this Wednesday evening DJ Daktari and the good Dr KK shall be presenting the fortean documentary Crop Circle Communique at the one and only Midnight Star Social Centre (just up from Homebush Station at 55-57 Parramatta Road Homebush) along with some strange sounds and a little lowdown on the circular lunar activities, all free of charge from us to you courtesy of the Operating Theatre.

Live wise this Sunday Impermanent Audio at the Frequency Lab at 342 Elizabeth Street opposite Central station sees Pimmon, Julian Knowles and Magmafinder bending those bytes.

And now the nose on whats what this week upon the tundra..

Coil Moons Milk in Four Phases (Eskaton)

Gathers together the four 'seasonally adjusted' EPs that Coil released in 1998 that coincided with the two Solstices and Equinoxes exploring the influence of tides, times, ebbs and flows, of mercurial marginalia, lunacies, Realms of the unconscious and Empires of the senseless. This dynamic and varied collection continues the powerful and ancient tradition of composing seasonal songs for ritual days and occasionsEngland's Hidden Reverse.


18 May 2002

18 May 2002

            M U S I C F O R B I G G A M E H U N T I N G
                     Bad vibrations since 1997
                 2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am
                   live streaming

Trepanations, its time to touch the tentacle for it is good, it is all 
knowing of that that is unknowable, its suckers are cuddly when all is 
sharp, its love is everlasting and its motivation is pure as the souls 
roasted in the gaping maw of Moloch, the swallower of all.

And gather oye of great faith and bare thine unmentionables at an officer 
of the law for nothing is true and everything is permitted in this upper 
world of decadent pissiour intentions.

Onwards and inwards, this week on the Hunt we take a journey to Berlin, 
circa 1930 with our man in Weimar Herr Walter Ruttman, a man who rumours 
said could wrestle a bear to the ground whilst whistling Beethovens 9th 
through his arse wearing nothing but grin on his gin ravaged features, a 
truely fortean feat which left his audience shaking in their boots but fear 
not odroogies Walter has taken his medication tonight, all will be well for 
Bobs sake, all will have great and golden slackness.

And now for Walters runny nose

Walter Ruttmann (1887-1941) is a pioneering work from the early days of 
radio. In an 11 minute 10 second collage of words, music fragments and 
sounds, the film-maker and media artist Walter Ruttmann presented on 13 June 
1930 an avant-garde and radically innovative radio piece: an acoustic 
picture of a Berlin weekend urban landscape. After his experience with his 
films, Walter Ruttmann deliberately sought possibilities for producing an 
audio-film for radio. 'Everything audible in the world becomes material', he 
wrote in a manifesto in 1929. Tones and sounds should exist in their own 
right. For 'Weekend' they were recorded as arbitrary and intentional 
elements on the soundtrack of an optical sound film using the so-called tri 
ergon technique. For the first time an artistic radio production was created 
whose material could be assembled and designed according to rhythmic, 
musical principles. The technique used also meant that a repeat broadcast 
would have been possible. But this never happened. The original of 'Weekend' 
was long considered lost. A copy was only rediscovered in New York in 1978. 
68 years after the creation of the original, Barbara Schfer and Herbert 
Kapfer invited international artists to make six Walter Ruttmann Weekend 
Remix versions for Bayerischer Rundfunk. The radio play classic, which had 
opened up new aesthetic perspectives for the genre at a very early stage, 
underwent the digital endurance test and was confronted with the means and 
possibilities of the digital age and the remix technique. The remixes of 
Klaus Buhlert and Ernst Horn took Ruttmann's compositional principles of 
'Weekend' and circumscribed them with their own compositions. With the new 
digital technology new methods of composition were also applied. Pathos and 
rhythm were given a contemporary drive, the ironic moments of the 
disrespectfully edited original were amplified further with a subsequent 
treatment by the composers Horn and Buhlert, new audio spaces were opened 
up. In 1998 Berlin, To Rococo Rot sought acoustic equivalents to the 
elements Ruttmann had recorded in 1930. Their version is --- in film terms 
-- a remake, in musical terms a cover version, and at the same time a homage 
to Ruttmann and the City of Berlin. In their 'Weekend' remixes, the British 
musician Mick Harris and DJ Spooky from New York staged a return to the 
fatalistic mood of the original. The remix compositions focussed on machine 
noises and the acoustic signals of disturbed communication. Apart from the 
added bass and rhythm tracks, Harris and DJ Spooky used only the original as 
material, processed with digital machines. The basis for the remix by the 
Canadian John Oswald was the loud noise on the copy of the 1930 original. 
Oswald's remix conducted a digital material battle with the original, one 
which duplicated in Ruttmann's discontinuous rhythm the copying noises which 
had developed over time."

Live wise this week we urge you to watch the skies as the Hunt unwraps 
within your trembling earlobes to observe the universe unfolding before your 
eyeballs, all that is, was and will be the old sarge said from here to 


Luther Blissett (RIP)

1 June 2002

1 June 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

                                          live streaming
Salivations, o'rivers of troubled water, Bob is dead, he has taken the ghosts of folk music past back into the rank sludge from whence it came and a pox on him for ever going electric at all, the bretheren of the bindle's worms turn deep and slow. But these are not matters to be dwelt upon, this week the Hunt returns bathed in the blood of a thousand dribbling good for nothing
wannabees who never will again wax lyrical about how the wind blows and flowers grow wild, Californian nightmares a go go, delivering a sure shot right between the eyes............
The mystery deepens o'children of the horn-ed one, let the tenticals touch you there with......
Dj Daktari shall take you there, take to to places where the little little munchkins tremble with expectation and trepanation, become one of the spheres and don't be a mananna mandy.....
Luther Blissett (RIP)

15 June 2002

15 June 2002


Bad vibrations since 1997

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Salutations ostickers of  metal objects into power sockets, too much is never enough, a tale once told of a man who became so accustomed to electrical discharge he regularly latched himself on to electric fences to get his daily fix of electrical energy, there is a certain beauty of purpose and  grimness of determination with his plight, ppppppzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaapppppppp, voltage cursing down through each arm taking the route of least resistance down to earth, nerves pulsing and crackling to a primordial beat, jaw bone locked into an infernal grimace, back to basics with no bullshit.


KKlarence and Daktari would like to dedicate this weeks Hunt to the voltage guzzler with selections we believe through exhaustive ground breaking research in the field that would compliment and enhance his electrical activities directly tapping into the reptilian amperage eating boiling brain of blood


This week  we intend to take you all into the eye of the hurricane, in a sonic sense, into the howling surreal cataclysm of burning overloading circuits that is Merzbow, and feature Masami Atika and cos latest offering Amlux along with earlier predigital stabs at your speakers such as Pulse Demon, Music for Bondage Performance 2, selections from the Merzbox and the collaboration with KK Null.


Not for the faint of heart and stable of mind, strap yourself in for a little late night mind reaming, its going to be a rough trip and it just might change the way you walk.


Now heres the nose on Amlux


Highly anticipated, and referred to as 'the definitive modern Merzbow record,' Amlux finds Masami Akita moving into new territory in terms of sound and production. Amlux throbs with industrial ambient drones and drum/guitar samples that slowly glide into eruptive filtered noise before evolving back into industrial-ambient bliss. It is rich in texture and much more sophisticated and evolved than most Merzbow records to date. Amlux proves that Masami Akita is much more than just the king of noise.  




Luther Blissett (RIP)

22 June 2002

22 June 2002

29 June 2002

29 June 2002


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2SER 107.3FM Friday nights 1-3am

live streaming


Salutations, o chromium plated brothers and sisters of the unwieldy pulsing citadel high upon the mount of madness, the giant penguins come this evening for you, come tap H.P.s spine with us this cold winter night, don the rubber pith of great and unknowable power, fix yourself a martini and cut a rug to the slippery frug.


This evening on the Hunt we turn our lunar transmitter over to the hooligans from Cranial Fracture Records, wanted for international crimes against crime itself, from their headquarters deep beneath our trembling earlobes these cannibalistic underground dwelling mole men forge industrial strength subductive music for mentalism loud enough to shake your fillings loose. They are about to launch their next therapy session  Dissonant Structures which rumour has it was manufactured by a murderous pod of disgruntled dog mean zeb-eels subjected to repeated viewings of Taxi Driver and administered experimental psychotropic drugs powerful enough to kill a family of polar bears, this may not paint a pretty picture but these zeb-eels are tough as nails, they themselves grown from genetically mutated stock in the sulphurous clouds of Jupiter by Ted V. Mikels and his Astro Zomies.


Lordy, its going to be quite a show, not one to be missed and not one to pass out in a ditch to after pouring half  a quart of ethanol down you neck


And now the nose on Cranial Fracture Records Dissonant Structures


FRAC01: Dissonant Structures

This is a double cd compilation covering such diverse styles as dark electro, rhythmic noise, power electronics, dark ambient and experimental. It showcases both existing and emerging artists, from Australia and overseas, including Dive, Tankt, Radial, Navicon Torture Technologies, Lux Mammoth, Isomer, Mystral Tide, and many more. Pre-order your copies now. AUS$30, US$15. Release date: June 2002.


Feed the penguins




Luther Blissett (RIP)