Social Media

I've been on this here internet for awhile.


Until something better comes along for organising social stuff and knowing what babies have been born.


I'm an indifferent, documentary photographer, and I upload all the photos I keep. Some recommended albums would be my series on Balinese Ogoh-Ogoh and street offerings.


I never post but I like Twitter. Or rather, I like to follow my favourite authors and thinkers there. I think of it as a kind of manual bare-bones RSS feed.


Before Facebook, possibly before Myspace, but not before Geocities, there was blogging on Livejournal. It was great once, one of the best things about the net.

Library Thing

See the world through the lens of books.


Internet Archive

I share random scanned ephemera and interesting tapes here.

Amazon (Wishlist)

If you want to do comp me in some way, something from my wishlist would be most welcome.


By far the best music service, not only because it offers high quality downloads in FLAC for you to own forever, but because it has the best artist compensation model of all. Artists can totally control their own account. It is to music online as a street market is to physical commerce.