by T. James

Part 1

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From the time I was capable of intelligent thought, I always regarded as completely baseless the assertions made by astronomers and other scientists that life on other planets was an impossibility. Brought up in the Christian Science religion, I preferred to attribute to my Heavenly Father the ability to make on other worlds creations and creatures immeasurably superior to those whose squalid activities have turned this planet into a place where all now walk abroad in fear of being seared into oblivion by new engines of a perverted science.

I became interested in flying saucers through reading the well- known books on the subject, which fascinated me completely. I read Keyhoe, Wilkins, Cramp, Jessup and a dozen others, all of whom wrote from varying viewpoints and with varying conclusions as the origin, purposes and nature of the flying saucers. The result for me, as for everyone else who has read these books, was a confused state of mind as to just exactly what was going on; are they friendly, or hostile? If so, how friendly and how hostile?

As a world traveler of many years standing, having served as a seagoing radio officer for more than five years, I had noted one singular fact about the places I visited in my travels, which led me to think about communications with the flying saucer people. In every country, the standard of living and material civilization was keyed to its communications.

In parts of the Orient and Middle East, if you wanted to make a telephone call, you would have considerable difficulty in locating a telephone. Having located one, if you wished to communicate a hundred miles, you might wait a day or two for the connections. Telegraph offices are few and far between in these parts of the world, and radio communications are equally sparse.

One reaches bottom as far as communications are concerned in portions of Africa where the bongo drum or the human runner still serve as the means. In these locales, material civilization is at its most retarded in every respect.

This fact of communications being an index of civilization is not widely appreciated in the United States, where through habit, we speak and write over thousands or tons of thousands of miles with an ease and familiarity bound to breed a contempt for it. Far from being happy with our communications system, including radio and television in their exquisite refinements, communications firms are driven into improvement of facilities by relentless public and business pressure for improved ability to communicate. The ability to communicate on a world wide scale by a variety of different methods is available to every American. And in this country we possess the highest material civilization known on this planet.

From their observed speeds and maneuvers, and their magnetic propulsion systems as now acknowledged, the flying saucers are products of a civilization immeasurably advanced beyond our own. While we boasting the world's newspapers of airplanes capable of fifteen hundred miles per hour, other aircraft, perhaps not of this earth, have been electronically measured and visibly observed traveling six times this speed, in our atmosphere.

It is by no means an unreasonable assumption that the intelligences capable of manufacturing these craft would have mastery of _all_ methods of communication, since we have been forced to admit from the evidence that communications development is the handmaiden of progress.

When we say _all_ methods of communication, we must be prepared to admit, if we have any humility remaining as a race, that perhaps these saucer intelligences have systems of communication beyond anything we know, or perhaps mastery of some methods which we have forgotten.

As a professional radio operator for some years, I found myself constantly wondering at the miracle which permitted me to convey intelligence to another man twelve thousand miles away at the touch of a key. I was also conscious of the fact that this science was founded by Marconi a scant fifty years ago. I therefore did not find it at all unreasonable that other methods, perhaps far more effective and advanced methods of communication were in the hands of the saucer intelligences Methods as far beyond ours as ours are beyond the bongo drum.

I found completely unacceptable and rejected as absurd the bald assertion frequently made by the other saucer investigators that no communication had been made or was likely to be made. In some cases, this assertion was made in a purblind fashion without investigation of any kind.

With a mental attitude of humility, I set about looking into some of the various claims made for contacts with the saucer beings, convinced that somewhere authentic contact must be being made, and that only in this way would we ever discover why the saucers were here and where they came from.

One place I felt bound to visit was Giant Rock, California, a desert airstrip in a remote location between Victorville and Twenty-nine Palms. With a long history as a landing ground for aliens in pre-war days, Giant Rock is difficult of access over dirt roads that try the springs of the stoutest automobile. There is a dry lake bed with a single strip running uphill to the foot of the Giant Rock, which towers some seventy feet in the air and has enormous girth. Behind the rock is a four hundred foot high pile of enormous boulders, smooth and round.

In this arid and flinty locale there dwells a man who seems to harmonize with his environment. Middle aged, balding, of average size, George Van Tassel is one of the pioneers of "communication" with the space ships.

No radio towers or electronic equipment clutter the area, but beneath the Giant Rock a room has been hollowed out from whence Van Tassel carries out his communications by telepathy with the saucer beings.

In darkness under the rock, and after preparatory measures, there booms forth from Van Tassel's general direction a voice that is most definitely not his own.

"I AM HULDA. Your people will soon witness more fireballs, which we are dropping as nullifiers. Greetings of love and peace to you. I am Hulda."

More messages follow, in voices which vary in accent and timbre. They deal with everything from life on other planets to the fate that awaits humanity if we continue to toy with atomic energy.

Sometimes, the messages have the habit of running into forecasts of future events. Take for instance the case of the now famous buzzing of the National Capitol and White House in Washington, D.C. on the nights of June 25, 26 and 27, 1952. Van Tassel has a receipt from Air Force Intelligence, Washington, dated June 23, 1952, for a message passed to them by the saucer beings stating that the Pentagon was to be given "something to muddle over," and '"we are going to give this old globe a buzz".

I left the area of Giant Rock with the distinct impression that genuine contact had been made. I was considerably interested in putting into practice the method of training for telepathic reception which Van Tassel gave me prior to my leaving the rock. I felt that here was a man with nothing to sell, no gimmicks, no popcorn stand, no razzmatazz. You took it or you left it, and if you wanted to try it yourself, here was the method.

In view of what I had witnessed, read and been told while at Giant Rock, I felt that the very least I could do was to persevere with this system of telepathy and see if I could actually do anything with lt.

I was prepared, by religious training and deference to the Father to admit Van Tassel's hypotheses that if you believe in God, you had also to believe that he was capable of making a better communications set than the Radio Corporation of America, namely, the human mind.

I began practicing regularly and religiously the art of open perception which trains the mind to receive thought vibrations. Nothing happened for several months. However, I had decided that six months was a fair trial, after which I could Justifiably go out and call Van Tassel a liar, and a fake. I felt this attitude to be both more intelligent and likely to be of profit than the out of hand dismissal of telepathy as a communications medium by people who had never tried it, nor talked to anyone who had.

Side by side with my practice, I continued to study the phenomena from all aspects, seeking to bring order out of the chaos of conflicting reports and confusing interpretations of the reports.

One night about ten o'clock, I was studying very carefully a passage in Keyhoe's "Flying Saucer Conspiracy". I received an impulse of an overpowering nature to get a pencil and write. Obeying the impulse, I grabbed up a pencil and began writing on the back cover of a paper back book, the nearest thing on which I could make a mark. My arm was impelled and controlled by an unseen force, and I wrote a scrawl which was largely unintelligible across the back of the book. At the bottom of the cover, I distinctly wrote the word "Discontinue", at which point the force on my arm cut off as though a switch had been thrown.

I discussed this event with my wife, who was somewhat startled. I stood in the middle of the floor gesticulating and giving vent to my puzzlement, when a similar force was exerted upon my head, drawing it upwards and backwards with surprising power.

Only by a great effort of will, was I able to return my head to the normal position. The moment I ceased willing it there, the force drew it upwards and backwards once more.

Suddenly, as before, the force cut off as though a switch had been thrown, and my puzzlement and confusion was doubled. I discussed it briefly with my wife, and a few minutes later I had an overwhelming impulse to go outside. Not wishing to further alarm her, I made the excuse that I had to go outside and move the car. As I walked to the door of the apartment, my right hand rose by this selfsame force once more, and the hand closed around the knob. Once again, I could _will_ it to my side. I turned my body slightly so that the left hand was closer to the knob, and it too rose and grasped the knob, without any conscious effort on my part.

I went outside and descended the stairs. Immediately I reached the bottom, the force seized upon my whole body and I was propelled like a mechanical man down the street and to the corner. Here, I was halted, and my body spun in a neat, military right turn. Then I walked to the end of the block, was stopped, half turned again and thus propelled right around the block, returning to the entrance to apartment where the force once again cut off as though switched off.

Inside, I thought deeply about the entire process, not knowing what to think, since no communication of any kind had been received by me.

In the end, I simply shrugged and went to bed. Hardly in bed five minutes, I suddenly found my entire vocal mechanism functioning involuntarily, and through it intelligent words and phrases were being conveyed to me. I did not hear voices, but rather, found my speech mechanism being used as the agency to communicate with me. The message, as best I can remember, went like this:

"I am Ashtar. I greet you from Schare. Your interest in our cause is well known and we would like you to help us. Would you wish to do so?"......

The message went on to convey to me some intelligence concerning a theory of mine on the saucers which proved my theory both wrong and dangerous to me. I therefore felt that this first message containing such a warning with intimate knowledge of the subject concerned, was indeed genuine.

However, I was still considerably disturbed by the entire happening, although I had actually sought with energy and regularity to make a telepathic contact. I therefore related my experience to a kind gentleman greatly learned in occult matters.

From this man I obtained certain secret information concerning the protection of oneself during telepathic contact, since all who seek to contact one telepathically _may not be true spacemen_. This, my first contact with the world outside the purely physical came as a severe jolt to me. Up until these few vital minutes with this man, I was thoroughly certain that only the spacemen had telepathy and that there wasn't anyone else anyway, who could contact human beings telepathically.

In the weeks and months that followed, I was able to appreciate that all beings who circle our globe in high performance aircraft or spacecraft, pseudo or otherwise are not tall, handsome spacemen with no dental caries and only an earnest desire to uplift humanity. There are others, whose morals and values and purposes and allegiances are not identical with those of the bulk of humanity.

The information that follows, and the comment on it by myself, is presented with but one purpose in mind. To clarify the saucer mystery for all who earnestly seek an answer. I do not ask that all that is written should be accepted as fact, despite its origin. every single thing written should be turned over to the reader's critical judgment, scrutinized, weighed, evaluated and either accept or cast out in accordance with what these faculties dictate. One thing can be taken as certain. The messages are authentic communications, through telepathy, by myself in the conscious, waking state. At no time was I under any form of control, seen or unseen. The messages have assumed their particular character because of my sincere insistence upon valid and useful information of high grade. I was not interested in finding out whether Mrs. Venus has a washing machine and a mix master, but rather in what her husband was doing flying around this planet. I have at no time been interested in prophesy, but rather in seeking out explanations of various phenomena which have been observed in connection with the flying saucers.

The messages were compiled from notes made during the receptions. That is, during reception of the information, all pertinent material, names and other portions likely to suffer from memory lapses were written down. Immediately upon terminating the contact, the messages were compiled into written form as close to verbatim as possible.

The messages were received from Ashtar, who identifies himself as Commandant, Vela Quadra Sector, Realms of Schare, all projections all waves.

Let us begin with one interesting phenomenon observed frequently in connection with the flying saucers which everyone had wondered about. My questions appear after the Q. letter:

Q. What is the relationship between the sightings of space craft and the proximity of Mars to Earth?
A. "There is, in fact, no real relationship, only one which seems to present. When Mars approaches Shan (Earth)there is what I shall describe as an etheric reaction between the two. The result of this reaction is that craft in your skies become more easily visible to your optics. In actual fact there are no more and no less craft in your skies during Mars proximity than at any other time. The difference lies in what is available to your physical optics."
Q. Great controversy in the saucer world has long surrounded the exact nature of the beings operating the space ships; What type of beings are they?

Are you "etheric" beings, or are you possessed of a fleshly physical body such as mine?

A. "I am etheric. I do not have a fleshly body like yours, bounded by flesh. But it is possible for me to make my being visible to your optics by certain changes in its vibratory rate."
Q. This would mean you are normally invisible to us.
A. "Yes."
Q. As you are an etheric being, are other etheric beings visible to you?
A. "Yes, although not exactly in terms of optical vision as you know it."
Q. From your statement that you are etheric, am I to presume that you have evolved beyond the stage of a physical and astral body?
A. "Correct. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours. I am definitely etheric, as are all people on other planets in this solar system. However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other as we are to you under normal circumstances. We see each other and live much as you do, but we do not have this dense physical casing which you possess. The advantages, benefits and comforts of this form of living are enormous, and the irritations of a fleshly envelope are most uncomfortable. Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequency of our bodies to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people. Highly evolved people with a good "psychic eye" as you call it, can frequently see us in vaporous form, although we may be invisible to other earthlings in the same location. When your clairvoyants travel to our civilizations on other planets, they see and are able to interpret our lives because they are not using their physical eyes but rather their astral or psychic sight, to which we are visible just as though we were physical."
Q. When you become visible to our optics, does the person who sees you know that you are a "converted etheric"?
A. "Not as a rule. The conversion can be made so completely that a physical person encountering us thinks that we, too, are physical."
Q. What of those who claim to have been taken up in your craft?
A. "In our contacts with earthlings, we have to be careful not to go beyond their understanding. In these instances, the ships and all entities within them are converted to a vibrational level at which they had the substance of physical things as known to you. Whether the experience was physical or astral is not known to some people who had the experience."
Q. The astral and etheric concepts are difficult to grasp at first.
A. "Persist and have faith. There is much to learn."

This last sentence impressed me as a masterful understatement. Already a sense of my own puniness hung over me like a cloud. But I resolved to learn more since nothing had thus far been withheld from me. One of the most puzzling phenomena connected with the saucers; the famous " fireballs" reported in various parts of the US. was the next subject broached by me.

Q. Are these fireballs dropped from your craft? What is their purpose?
A. "The fireballs are nullifiers for certain radioactive effects which your scientists do not even know they are releasing. These nullifiers prevent the poisoning of your people, and are released upon the orders of our Heavenly Father. We cannot intervene actively in the cessation of such experiments, but we must do all possible to prevent the wanton destruction of human life resulting from these experiments."
Q. It has been noted that the air contains a large percentage of copper after these fireballs have been seen.
A. "This is true. This is part of the fireballs' functions. For the most part, the fireballs are seen in the vicinity of atomic installations and laboratories. But not all fireballs are ours, and all do not have the same purpose."

This final sentence set me thinking very hard along the lines expounded by Mr. Harold Wilkins, the distinguished English saucer writer. Wilkins first book "Flying Saucers On the Attack", bearing a title that was thrust upon him without his consent by his publisher, disturbed many saucer fans who could not bear to think of the saucer beings as not being kind, beneficent entities intent on saving mankind. About this time, I came into contact with the famous "Shaver Mysteries"' which told of the "dero", a greatly degenerated underground race purported to be still living on this planet.

Here, again, confusion seemed to be present, as a large body of thought completely discredited the Shaver Mysteries as a highly imaginative science fiction story. Another equally large body of thought gave great credence to this aspect of the saucer mysteries.

Q. A question which has greatly disturbed me, concerns the rumors of an underground race on this planet. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

I was hardly prepared for the import, impact and significance of the answer which followed.

A. "At the core of your planet there dwells a greatly degenerated race, an astral race, which is degenerate not so much in science, but in every moral respect as you know and understand lt. They are capable of space flight within the astral regions around the earth, but are earthbound. They are the forces of Eranus, whom you call Satan. They emerge at the South Pole. On your surface they have allies who are without mercy and without morals. I give you this information that you may be aware of their existence. I enjoin you to forever close any researches into this astral activity in the interests of your own safety. Be on your guard always, be careful and vigilant.

Here, then, was the beginning of the real explanation of the hostile "space" craft. The higher forces, the true interplanetary forces are etheric, the hostile ones astral and OF THIS EARTH.

Any person at this point wishing a more exact, scientific explanation of etheric, astral and physical states of existence, is directed to read "The Power Within", by Professor Dr. Sir. Alexander Cannon, who amongst other things, is an M.D., Ph. D., D. Sc., Ll.D.

Immediately this explanation became available, many pieces in the flying saucer puzzle began to fit into place. I felt that the explanation of the origin of the threatening men in black suits who called upon saucer investigators to shut them up, as related in Gray Barker's "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers" was very near. Only one of these men was ever identified, one who was seen sitting in the car down in Australia. He was "a known criminal". Who better to carry out the bidding of the creature we call Satan than a man with nothing to lose, a criminal wanted by the police? Could this be one of those "on our surface, without morals and without mercy"?

I felt that further clarifications were required, and directed additional questions were required, and directed additional questions to Ashtar on this subject.

Q. In our solar system, are there any other physical beings like us?
A. "No. All beings on other planets in your solar system are etherics. On your planet, as you now know, there are two kinds of beings, physical and astral. Outside the earth-moon system in your solar system, all are etheric."
Q. How far from the surface of the earth, in our measure, do the astral regions extend?
A. "125,000 Miles. Within them, the astral beings are confined. At certain times of the year, travel to the moon is possible to the astrals when the astral shells of the two bodies overlap. When these shells separate, however, any entitles on the moon are cut off from the earth until the next time the astral shells overlap. NO PHYSICAL OR ASTRAL ENTITY can go beyond the earth-moon system."

To our optics, and observations, any craft capable of traveling 115,000 miles out in space from our surface would be considered a space craft. In fact, however, these astral vehicles from the earth's core can travel that far and no rather. There are, therefore, craft which appear to us as space craft but which are in fact earth- bound machines capable of going no further than the moon, and that far only under certain conditions.

The pattern gradually began to emerge in my mind. Two types Or craft, one a genuine interplanetary space craft, capable of traveling throughout this solar system at will. The other, a pseudo space craft capable of traveling to a certain altitude only. These latter, the hostile ones responsible for many acts of violence against our surface recorded through the ages and having active agents on our surface.

Presumably the two forces are opposed to each other, perhaps with the earth as the prize, or perhaps with something else in view. decided to ask further questions on the nature of this seeming conflict going on above our Earth.

Q. What is the nature of the astral regions around the earth?
A. "The astral world is divided into two broad sections. First, there are the bodiless entities from your surface, the so-called dead people, who must become incarnate again in order to qualify to pass on completely to the etheric state. Some of these entities are awaiting what will be their last incarnation. Others are those who have had their carnate existence terminated abruptly or accidentally, such as soldiers and criminals. All these entitles have in common the intense desire to become fleshly once more, in order that they may either carry out something left undone, or else may qualify to be no longer earthbound when their incarnations terminate. This is the Garden of Waiting. There are also the monstrosities and phantasmagoria which are degenerate thought forms. The other great section Or the astral world is the astral regions of evil which surround and interpenetrate Earth, inhabited by beings who are forever discarnate and forever earthbound by decree of the great God of the Universe. These beings cannot enter the Garden of Waiting. It is against these forces that we of the etheric world are warring."
Q. What form does this war take? Is it a clashing of space ships in combat?
A. "It is not a matching of violences, as you suggest, but a battle for the control of earthly minds. Our purpose is to overcome the destructive influence, the physically violent influence which the dark ones seek to exert over mankind. Our purpose is to nullify the astral influence by restraining beings devoted to destruction and physical violence. The dark ones seek to relegate the whole world to the darkness wherein they dwell and have power, and there- by increase their influence further. Our task, as decreed by the Heavenly Father is to nullify, overpower and banish the work of the dark ones by good influences upon humanity. This is the true nature of the battle, rather than spacecraft versus spacecraft."
Q. These astrals from the earth's core are, I take it, the 'Dero' of legend? The Dero of the 'Shaver Mysteries?'
A. "No. The Dero are no longer confined in the caves of legend and story but are reincarnated again upon your surface. Many of your eminent scientists on Earth, driving forward with the perfection of ever more prodigious blast forces, are reincarnated deros. Because of their prior lives as cannibals and degenerate beings, they are prone to exert themselves for destructive ends, since they fall easily under the astral influence."

Here, in this latter message is perhaps the explanation for some of our scientists turning away in disgust from the perversion of their talents for destructive purposes, while others seem to flourish best perfecting destruction.

At this time I sought from the higher forces an explanation of the matter of which their craft are constructed, since it does not seem to be of an order comparable to our own.

Q. I wish to ask a question or two concerning etheric substance.
A. "We will be glad to answer whatever we can for you. We wish to arm you with as much knowledge as possible, and are limited in this only by your power to assimilate it. I do not wish to talk over your head, but we will supply you with knowledge to the limit of your understanding."
Q. I am puzzled by the concept of etheric matter. For example, there is one case on record where one of our jet aircraft flew right through a space ship without hitting anything solid whatever. Are your ships made of a vaporous substance, or are they a different form of earthly matter?
A. "We have all the elements you know about on earth, and many more. The etheric form of these metals differs in its atomic and molecular structure from earth made metals. for example, the distance between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of the etheric iron nucleus is much greater than in iron as you know it on earth. This permits the atoms of earthly steel to pass right through the atoms of etheric steel in such a way that nothing happens to either form of steel. The etheric steel enjoys a higher vibratory rate than earthly steel, and is therefore not apparent to earthly vision, or, if you prefer, physical eyesight. Under certain circumstances it becomes visible, as in the presence of certain atmospheric gases of Shan (Earth), or at will in accordance with the desire Or the controlling intelligence. No matter how great the mass of the etheric substance, even a space ship measuring many miles across in your measure, physical matter cannot damage or injure it or its contents."

This last sentence might well be studied and acted upon by those military minds in various countries who have ordered airplanes to try and shoot down the saucers. Not only can the entitles in the saucer read the minds of the attacking pilots with exactness, as revealed in many reports of such encounters, but even if the saucers are placed in a position where bullets or rockets or shells can be fired at them the military are wasting time and fuel. The saucers cannot be shot down.

Q. When you speak of making etheric matter visible at will, is this the way that George Adamski was permitted to take his now famous photographs?
A. "Yes. 'Ether Ships' as they have been called on your surface have been made visible to and for certain individuals, selected, upon your surface, of whom Adamski is one. Normally, the ships are a part of the invisible world."
Q. If one were to develop astral vision, or the "psychic eye" would he then see the ships?
A. "No. Not unless the vibratory rate of the ship were converted to the vibratory range of astral vision. Remember, the etheric I vibratory rate is higher than the astral. Very few physical humans have some perception of the etheric, but they are not normal people as you know them and for the most part dwell in very secluded places. As a general rule, perception of the etheric through vision cannot be accomplished except through the will of the etheric, converting etheric substance to a vibratory level where it is physically visible."

These explanations, rendered down to very elementary terms for my benefit indicate that there are certainly higher orders of matter than that which we know. The explanations of etheric matter and its behavior can be applied to numerous sightings where only lights, or vaporous forms were seen, rather than clear cut sightings of a hard, solid physical craft which could be clearly described.

It is interesting to learn from these last few messages that George Adamski, long the recipient of derision, disbelief and even abuse, is a "selected" individual whose photographs are NOT fakes, flukes or figments of the imagination.

Any revelations about any kind of persons living at the core of our planet are certainly subject to a barrage of questions, most of which I put to the higher forces.

Q. What is the nature of the core of our planet? Is it solid, or hollow?
A. "The center of the earth consists of matter of a density comparable to air, although it is not air. You would term it hollow in your expression. It is here that the forces of Satan dwell. Near the south magnetic pole, they emerge in their craft and circle the planet. Clumsy and primitive by our technology, their craft are still greatly advanced above yours, and they are easily able to outperform any mechanical aircraft of physical manufacture. They are also considerably faster, being capable of speeds in excess of three thousand miles per hour."

It is interesting to note that for aeons the legend has been part of our lives in the Christian world that Satan is in hell and that hell is down there, underneath. Hell has also been depicted as an extremely hot place, but nevertheless still a place. Perhaps "matter of a density comparable to air" is exactly what we have at the center of the earth. All theories and indications are that it is hot at the center of the earth, but the time honored one that the core of the earth i8 molten material is theoretical in the extreme since _no one has been there to find out_, and the deepest oil bore and the deepest mines are but infinitesimal fractions of the total thickness of the earth.

This seemed to be the appropriate time to learn more about the powers of flight of these astral beings, who "emerge near the South Pole".

Q. How far above our surface may they penetrate and can physical man penetrate this far? That is, will man ever be able, in physical form, to penetrate this far?
A. "The limit of their altitude attainment is 125,000 miles. Physical man is also limited to this extension. In the upper portions of it however, man in the physical form will exist only with extreme difficulty and after years of training and development. As previously described, when the moon's astral envelope or aura overlaps with that of the earth, commerce is possible to and from the moon. At other times, commerce is not possible. At times of contact, the astral entities from the core of Shan travel to the moon."

In looking at our modern jet and experimental flyers, currently reaching out for 2,000 mph speeds, one sees these intrepid men clad in special pressure suits which have the function of holding his body together and keeping his blood in the right portions of his anatomy. He must take along his own atmosphere at the altitudes he is flying, and refrigeration of his aircraft is necessary at the fantastic (?) speed of two thousand miles per hour. To me, it is not unreasonable that the physical vehicle is already out of its element when this is required to keep life in it, and that before long we will find the conditions outlined in the communications above to be true, namely, that physical man will reach his limit. It would seem that he might well reach the moon in these endeavors. What therefore, might he expect to find there?

Q. What is the nature of the life on the moon. Are the moon people physical or astral?
A. "The moon people are physical in form and astral in activity and allegiance. They are allied with Satan."

This information would indicate that the great rush mankind is making to get to the moon is only likely to be exceeded by his haste to get down again when he meets with Satan's allies once there.

The various types of craft sighted have also been the subject of great speculation. A considerable number of sightings have been recorded in Australia and New Zealand, especially of cigar shape, or cruciform machines. It is interesting that these countries are in Southern latitudes. Perhaps there is some way, I thought, to distinguish friend from foe.

Q. Is there any broad general method by which the etheric or friendly craft, can be distinguished from the astral machines from the center of the earth?
A. "As a general rule you may conclude that all cigar shaped craft are potentially hostile to your people. These are the craft from the center of the earth which have carried out and are carrying out hostile acts against your people. Our craft are for the most part heel shaped, or disc shaped. This is a rule of thumb, as you term it, for distinguishing between them."
Q. We read much about craft which flew in earlier civilizations, such as Atlantis. Are these astral craft comparable to Atlantean machines?
A. "They are almost identical with those craft. They are of course, made of a material that is akin to, but of a higher vibratory form than your own matter. They are therefore not normally visible to your optics."
Q. By whom are these craft manned?
A. "They have a variety of beings in these craft. They may be human type entities in the astral body, in every way similar to yourself. They may be elementals, sub-human slaves of the astrals, or they may be astral monsters of a proportion and type likely to fill you with terror were you to contemplate them. In your measurement, many of them are gigantic, and horrible to behold. The craft may be manned by all or any of these creatures."

This would seem to provide the long-sought answer to the many monster stories connected with the flying saucer phenomena. It should be remembered that astral entities are not subject to gravity, and therefore we may expect strange manifestations when they are seen. particularly the case of the Sutton, W. Va., monster comes to mind. A craft was seen shooting overhead, and then the boys who went to look for it encountered this towering, horrible creature which broke and ran with the switching on of a flashlight. It did not run, but rather "bounced', across the fields, indicating that despite its size, it was not subject to gravity or was weightless, as we would say. Since the craft was visible when it landed, it is probable that atmospheric conditions in that area were suitable for rendering astral matter visible, accounting for both the sighting of the ship and the encounter with the monster.

The battles and encounters which have taken place between various sub-human forms in various parts of the world, including the now famous flight in Colombia reported by Keyhoe in "Flying Saucer Conspiracy" would indicate that Ashtar's description Or the hostile crews is indeed accurate.

On one occasion a pitched battle took place between these elementals and a farm family in West Virginia, and despite the fact that the farmers shot and riddled the little men time and again they could not "kill" them. This obviously indicates to the reason that these beings were not of the same order or matter as ourselves, and in addition were hostile.

One thing connected continuously with the appearances of these "little green men", who might turn out to be much more durable than the newspaper writers and radio commentators who deride stories featuring them, is their frequent sighting near water reservoirs and similar places. In addition, flying saucers have many times been seen in areas where masses of water have mysteriously disappeared overnight, leaving a green saponaceous scum on the surface.

Q. On occasions, creatures fitting the descriptions of the elementals you have described have been seen stealing water, or water has disappeared in large amounts following saucer sightings. Why is this?
A. "Water is a valued commodity in the center of the earth where they dwell. One of the reasons they come to your surface is to steal water, which they do from tanks, lakes, rivers and reservoirs as convenience dictates."

If it is as hot in the center of the earth as legend and theory both dictate, water might well be a "valued commodity .

Through these messages an interesting explanation of many saucer phenomena is made available. What concerned me more than anything else, however, was the hostility against our surface by the Satanic forces. How extensive would it be, and what form would it take?

Q. What are the present intentions of the dark forces concerning assaults on our surface?
A. "During the next few weeks and months, the astral forces will increase their activities along the western coast of America. Many of their craft will be sighted. Should aircraft of yours be sent against them, they will be destroyed through the agency of a heat ray. Fires of mysterious origin will occur in the Americas and Western Europe. Explosions and unforecasted weather phenomena of a destructive type are a part of their system of attack. Communications will be interrupted and airplanes forced down. Failures in electronic equipment are easily induced by them."
Q. Many investigators are anxious to know why the dark forces cause these crashes of airplanes and collisions involving loss of life. It is not readily apparent to us, nor exactly how it is done?
A. "First, let me say that the dark ones are highly desirous of causing destruction to airplanes and do so frequently. They would, if it were possible, bring down many more of them if this action would not result in their being detected by some of your people. The reason for this airplane crashing is really very simple for one who has grasped the concept of astral and etheric realms beyond the physical. Frequently the astrals desire some particular person for a special purpose. Perhaps a technician, an engineer, or one of special skill or talent. They wish to abduct him, in other words. After an airplane crash, when the person concerned is released from his physical body after his 'death" his astral form is seized and taken to the nether regions. The crashes are brought about by several methods. First J instrumentation failure, resulting in collision of one kind or another.

"Secondly, production of fire, usually in the vicinity of the fuel tanks. Thirdly, complete suspension of the entire electrical system of the airplane. Fourthly, the use of the force field of their own craft to induce structural failure."

In this intelligence I found great interest because of the one factor that many strange airplane disasters have had in common -- complete suspension of radio communication. The examples are legion. The worst, of course, was the loss off the Florida coast of six Navy planes without a trace ever being found of any of them. Radio communication was interrupted. Strange accidents have had this in common, no communication has ever been received indicating attack. When one casts one's mind back to the days of 'World War II to recall that pilots limping back to England after raids in shattered bombers were frequently able to make distress calls and get themselves picked up, one is led to wonder why it is that these disappearing airplanes under conditions of peace are unable to emit even a squeak of warning before crashing.

M. K. Jessup's book "The Case for the UFO" tells an amazing history of abductions through the years, to most of which this theory would apply. The higher forces, the true interplanetary forces, seemingly have no use for human technology or ordinary earthly people and their skills. The case is different, however, for those who come from below, who are not as well advanced as the etherics, even if they might be advanced over us. The thought occurred to me, even as it doubtless occurs to the intelligent reader that it seems strange that this degenerate race under the earth should have such scientific skills. I asked this question of Ashtar, and received what seems to me to be a piece of first rate cosmic wisdom.

"Scientific advancement is not now, never was, and never will be, related to moral development."

As a member of the human race which is presently striving with might and main to wipe itself off the face of the earth with every scientific refinement, I am compelled to admit the validity of this statement.

One additional factor enters into this saucer phenomena, and this is the question of the THREE DIMENSIONAL SAUCERS or space ships which have been sighted. These are seemingly of an order of matter identical with ours. They are clearly craft of metallic nature. Do they come from some unexplored portion of the earth, or are they, too, interplanetary?

Q. Three dimensional craft have been seen in addition to the others described through these contacts. They are believed to be of a mechanical type. Are there such ships, and where do they come from?
A. "Yes, there are such ships. They come from the continent that you call Antarctica. Before the Lemurian flood and re balancing of the earth on its present axis, this was a great civilization. It was frozen quickly and its splendor swallowed up under the ice. One city, Rainbow City, remains above the ice, with a few dwellers. They have these craft, and there are also some in Tibet. These dwellers are entirely separate from the forces in the center of the earth, and plan hostility against no one. Mechanically propelled, these craft also outperform earthly aircraft."

In the past year, a tremendous acceleration of interest in the Antarctic has taken place. The U.S. is setting up a permanent base there, in cooperation with the New Zealanders. The Australians and the British also have bases and expeditions going to Antarctica. On top of all this, and ominously, the Soviets had an expedition down there recently. No portion of the earth is further from the Russian bailiwick than the Antarctic. Never before has there been a Russian expedition to the South Polar regions.

Much of this activity can be explained away by the Geophysical Year, but in the light of the communications contained in this manuscript, I am inclined to think that more is at stake than this.

My own view is that part of the story is known to the various governments. I believe that the majority of the major nations know, in their highest circles, that some saucers are coming from the center of the earth. It is also my belief that evidence has been presented the governments to the effect that the whole world is in the power of the craft from the center of the earth, and that this is the reason for the so-called "conspiracy" regarding saucer information.

Perhaps the governments are being wise, in suppressing this somewhat awesome information. Panic is an ugly thing, especially on a nation-wide scale which would conceivably follow any announcement of a general nature telling the truth. Added to this, the concept of astral beings, and etheric beings is presently beyond most people, although abundant evidence is available that such creatures exist, including evidence from scientists whose qualifications place their utterances on a basis of high authority.

At the present time, any person claiming contact with space people is subject to ridicule. At the head of the battalions who ridicule these claims are the saucer writers themselves, who are making the fundamental mistake of thinking that this entire saucer mystery can be explained on the basis of known physical science. No valid explanation of the saucer mysteries is available on a purely physical basis. For this reason, I feel that the information which has come through me, offering as it does reasonable explanation for almost all observed phenomena connected with the saucers, should be disseminated.

The higher forces, that is, the interplanetary forces, are called "higher" because they are of a higher authority than the astral forces. The interplanetary saucers have power OVER the astral saucers. Performing the mission of their Heavenly Father, it could be no other way. There is no one above God.

As with most of these things, the secret of establishing supremacy over the evil side lies in elevating oneself more fully into the higher side. Dependence upon God for protection, when properly invoked, provides that protection with a certainty, a force) and an impregnability that speaks for itself.

The appearance of the saucers in recent years, and their accelerated activities in contemporary times indicate that mankind is approaching a point where he must choose. His allegiance cannot be for the dark, and also for the light. He cannot go UP, and at the same time go down. He cannot preach good, and do evil. Aspiration to higher things will automatically impel man's evolutionary ascent away from the lower orders of creation. The time is approaching when all must choose.

I quote a further message from Ashtar on this aspect of the flying saucers who are hostile to the bulk of humanity:

"Let me give you this earnest injunction. Cast out all fear, for fear is the lubricant, the food and the vehicle of the dark forces. Without fear, you are truly impregnable, so strive for this attainment."