I Rode a Flying Saucer

Radioned to you by Other-World Intelligences
in Reaction to Man's Destructive Action.
Copyright 1952

* * *


Since the advent of the spaceships in the skies people have started to think. Never has such a controversial subject been discussed by the people of the world.

The irony of it is: that the authorities, who know what these visiting ships are, have chosen to keep the public in confusion and ignorance on the subject. On the other hand there have been self professed authorities by the dozens lecturing on the spacecraft.

There are no authorities, or experts who "know it all," on this planet.

Air Force Intelligence has more pictures and data than any other single branch of authority. They are subject to the same pressure however, that has kept the secret of free energy from the people for years.

This is the same energy that powers people, planets, suns and atoms.

It is primary energy. It is universal. It cannot be piped, or sent through wires.

If the principle of the operation of the visiting spaceships were to become the common knowledge of the people, there would be no more authority, no more money system and no more slavery by credit.

There can be no money system with free energy. That is the reason the people are being kept in ignorance on the subject, in spite of the fact that millions of people in all walks of life, all over the world have seen the ships in the skies.

In any new field of endeavor, such as our efforts to receive information through mental telepathy, there are bound to be errors. The coming events will reveal errors in the receptions in this book. Nevertheless we print them here as they were received.

* * *


The author is not interested in placing the contents of this writing before you to create fear, or to entertain you. The sole purpose of this book, is to attempt to get the readers to think for themselves.

One must realize that the continual building of bigger and better means of destruction must ultimately end in some way, sometime.

The minds of those who are immersed in the flood of their own creations certainly cannot be expected to think along lines that would oppose their own efforts. Whether they evolve the theory or design the mechanism or build the bomb that destroys, ~s of no concern to the author.

One is not concerned with the individual part that was played by each mind or hand that produced a bomb, while their loved ones are lying around them blown to bits.

Certainly any effort to end continual destruction on earth, before man destroys the earth itself, must come from an "outside" source. This is the reason for the importance of "signs in the skies," and of "flying saucers

The author has observed the skies, and aircraft through the past thirty years. Born in Jefferson, Ohio, in 1910, raised in a normal home, by middle class parents, he entered aviation after high school in 1927 and served as airline mechanic four years, then worked in aircraft for Douglas eight and one half years, Howard Hughes two and one-half years, and Lockheed Aircraft four and one-half years. During this twenty-year period of flying and flight test work the author's observations of other craft in the air has been almost continuous and daily. Now at the age of 42 years, he is living with his wife and three daughters, at Giant Rock, 16 miles north of the Twenty-nine Palms highway, at the Joshua Tree intersection. At present he is operating a commercial airport, resort and guest ranch.

Giant Rock Airport has a background of phoney spy stories a mile long. The previous occupant of Giant Rock, a man named Frank Critzer, was unfortunate enough to have a German name while the United States was at war with Germany in World War II. Several individuals who didn't like the way he parted his hair, caused him to be investigated numerous times and he was killed in 1942 by a blast of dynamite, supposedly by his own hand. The author "grubstaked" this man Critzer in 1930 and spent many week ends with him at Giant Rock.

Observing the great physical strength, calm demeanor and peace of mind displayed by Critzer, the author acquired a desire to live at Giant Rock. Through eight months of flight test work with Howard Hughes at Harper Dry Lake near Barstow, California, the author was sold on the clean air, the intense quiet nights and outdoor living in the desert.

Having acquired the property at Giant Rock from the government, the author learned to feel the freedom of living with nature. Four and a half years o~ this natural freedom made it possible for the author to find his true being.

Today man builds the means to destroy. Will he be faced with the rebound tomorrow?

Realize that you and your loved ones are at present victims of continual destructive influences. Try to find the way out.

In reading this book, listen to that "inner voice" that will cause you to recognize truth when it appears.

Anyone who can break the bonds of automatic living, in the confusion of cities and "civilization," can find the reality of his eternal self.

George W. Van Tassel.

* * *


I rode a flying saucer! What person would be stupid enough to make such a statement to the public? I believe I am the first person whose stupidity would expect anyone to believe such a statement.

My moronic attempt to convince anyone is only exceeded by the saucer beings themselves. You see, I don't claim to have been aboard a flying saucer; the intelligences that operate the saucers, claim I was aboard.

I am not claiming anything. I only place the information in this writing before you, because I believe "all things are possible," in my Creator's Universe. I can't even verify this belief to you, yet multitudes believe it.

There is no question left in anyone's mind as to whether the "saucers" are real. The Air Force has chased them. Radar instruments have picked them up on their scopes. Thousands of people have seen them,

If they exist (and a man-made instrument called radar has detected and followed them), what is so fantastic in believing that an instrument made by the Creator of this endless universe, has also detected them, and received intelligent communication from them?

Scientists from all branches of science have advanced theories by the dozens about the "saucers." Spinning particles or "ions," magnetic lines of force, little men, speeds beyond anything our aircraft can do, are among the explanations offered, in some cases by famous scientists.

These trained minds devise and describe all manner of means by which the saucers travel. They accept the laws of action and re-action, but their efforts to explain the saucers' motion ends with motion. Science explains that nothing can move without the existence of force to move it. Science presents laws of gravitation, inertia, momentum, etc. To defy these forces requires directed intelligent control of an opposing force. Man on this planet flies through the unseen air, by overcoming gravity. No one can see what holds an airplane up. Yet millions trust this unseen substance, as a "track" to travel on. They also breathe this unseen substance to live. The content of air that maintains life did not get there by some haphazard chance ~t W~ caused to be there.

The motion of a saucer must also be caused by intelligence to defy our accepted laws of gravitation. Science has only explained the saucers to the public in effect. Cause has been shoved into a background of sensationalism. Scientists say they are spinning "ions" of light particles. In order to "spin," or move at all, requires a cause, an intelligence, to start something spinning. Nothing moves of itself.

Man views television, listens to radio, rides in airplanes, and causes all these things to operate through, or on, or in an unseen medium. He cannot even see his own thought, the unseen intelligence that caused these material things to be manufactured. Yet man goes through his daily life accepting this unseen intelligence without question.

Now that even my own reasoning has accepted my own thoughts, which are not visible, maybe I can find out what causes this thing called thought.

After deliberately spending much time with my thoughts, I became acquainted with this unseen portion of myself. I discovered the life substance of my true identity, my seventh sense the sense of be-ing.

Throughout the multitudes of people on this tiny speck of matter in space the belief is predominant that each will "go to heaven" when they die.

Why do they feel this is true? Because a preacher or priest, or rabbi says it is so? No! Because the truth of eternal life is inherent within them. It is themselves, in true reality, unseen. It is that portion of the created "image" of unseen God, the substance of cosmic atomic composition of true light intelligence, the part of you that recognizes right from wrong, that whispers to your brain.

Science cannot, now or ever, see life or intelligence, in its pure state. Yet each individual can find it, within himself. But each must cause the effort to create the effect.

Through the process of causing myself to study the thing that makes me tick, I found an instrument that is perfect. It is part of the one perfect cause that created it. With this unfailing, indestructible, eternal substance of unseen intelligence, I discovered I could parallel radio, airplanes, television and other material instruments and mechanisms. Not in the crude confines of smash-up, burn out or failure. I am not limited to our atmosphere to fly. I am receptive to all vibrations throughout space, without depending on a transmitting station to project man made pictures or sound. This is true freedom. I am not afraid to leave this dense material body. I have found unlimited true life while I am within the confines of its physical limits. The universe is mine to explore.

After causing this effect to be within my control, I soon discovered how to separate the true vibrations from the discords. Through one of these vibration receptions I was instructed, by unseen intelligence, to gather a few others who were interested. This I did, and we hold scheduled meetings, at regular times, to consolidate our effort in unity, to add more power, to make the receptivity more sensitive and easier to control.

These meetings have been in progress for several years. Each vibration or transmission has to be tuned in, to receive it intelligibly. In the process of "dialing" these ''wave-lengths" I seemed to have one that persisted in attuning itself to my "receiver."

I had become cautious, through experience, because I found many of the vibrations could "burn up my cabinet," my physical body.

This particular vibration is exceptionally powerful, and the co-operation I received from its source assisted me in many ways to gradually become accustomed to its power.

After I could receive this intelligence, in attunement, without physical discomfort, the beings of the vibration gave me the following information. It i~ given here exactly, in words of human understanding. As I receive the message, it is spoken from my physical "loud speaker," and recorded in shorthand.

Sincerely yours, GEORGE W. VAN TASSEL

* * *


Here are the messages received to the date of this writing. There are several others, but they would not be comprehended by the reading public.

January 6, 1952.
"I am Lutbunn, senior in command first wave, planet patrol, realms of Schare. We have your contact aboard 80,000 feet above this place. Your press will have more to report on your so-called flying saucers. We return your contact. Discontinue."

February 8, 1952.
"Greetings. I am senior in command, first wave planet patrol from the realms of Schare. We have been instructed to contact this point at any time you are in session. We bring you our greetings and our power from the Center. Lutbunn."

February 22, 1952.
"I am Elcar, 6th projection, 42nd wave, 4th sector patrol, realms of Schare. I forward to you our congratulations from our central control. You shall be seeing much more of us. Elcar. Discontinue.

* * *

These first three messages were efforts to become accustomed to this powerful vibration.

March 7, 1952.
"Greetings from the realms of Schare. Watch your skies in your months of May to August. I am Clota, 9th projection, 2nd wave, planet patrol, realms of Schare. Discontinue.

* * *

This message was given in March and in the months of May to August, more saucers were sea than ever before, including those over Washington, D. C.

March 21, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Totalmon, 4th projection, 7th wave, space patrol, realms of Schare. Elevation 750 miles above you, speed 170,000 miles per second; returning from the 2nd sector. Our light-cast instructs us to bring you blessings from the Center and the realms of Blaau. Discontinue."

April 4, 1952.
"Salutations to you beings in the 12th realm of the 3rd sector. My instructions arc to transmit to you the clearance, authority and blessings from the Center of Schare. We have recently placed 7000 additional units in the patrol of this system. These will be reinforced in the very near future. I am Latamarx, 62nd projection, 5th wave, planet patrol, realms of Schare. Discontinue.

* * *

The above two messages were more to accomplish the contact and effect an improvement in attunement.

April 6th, 1952.
"May I greet you in peace. I am Noma, from the Central Command, 64th projection, 7th wave, 4th sector patrol, realms of Schare. My authority permits me to give you certain information. Your pentagon will soon have much to muddle over. We are going to give this globe a buzz. I hope they do not intercept us from in front. Our authority has ordered us to maintain contact through you. When we are ready, we shall do some intercepting also, and we shall also land when we are ready. Our Central Circle sends their blessings. Discontinue."

* * *

This message received in April was carried out three months later in the latter part of July. 'The pentagon, can only mean Washington, D. C. There is no doubt they had "much to muddle over." The "buzz" was accomplished by the saucer beings. The statement that the saucers hoped the Air Force would not intercept them in front, indicates that the saucers also knew in advance that there would be an attempt to intercept them. Is it coincidence that a letter mailed by me to Air Forces Intelligence Command, at the request of the Saucer beings in the July 18th message, was in their hands when the "buzz" occurred? I do not comprehend how the letter's arrival, the "buzz," the reference to the pentagon, and the expected interception, can all be coincidence. My belief is that the saucer beings timed it that way, t~ let the Air Force know that this information was authentic. Their return receipt showed they received the letter July 22, 195~. The "buzz" was on July 26, 27 and 28th.

April 11 , 1 952 .
"Greetings. My identity is Leektow, 51st projection, 7th wave, realms of Schare. Your globe will be effected by the death of one of the highest leaders causing great strife. Discontinue."

"I am Luu, 61st projection, 7th wave, 3rd sector patrol, realms of Schare. I am instructed to inform you that Leektow's transmission was interrupted by ionized particles and extreme distance above these nebulous clouds. Discontinue."

* * *

As far as I know this prophecy has not yet been fulfilled.

April 12, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Oblow, 62nd projection, 7th wave, 3rd sector patrol, realms of Schare. I am instructed to inform you that the mortal beings of this planet have nothing to fear from the beings of Schare. When we come, we shall come in peace. Any interference will be obliterated and opposition useless. We have no reason to destroy. Countless eons of time, through cycles past we forgot that destruction was of any use. Discontinue."

* * *

This message expresses "peaceful" intent on the part of the saucer beings. Their advanced development can be seen in the last sentence.

April 19, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Kerrull, 64th projection, 2nd wave, 4th sector patrol, realms of Schare. We are now at the planet you call Mars. We shall proceed to your planet leveling off some 700 miles above the surface. We are instructed from the center to inform you that due to inaccurate calculations, many of your fellow beings will suffer prolonged illness from an experiment to be conducted next week. This folly in the use of atomic power for destruction will rebound upon the users. Discontinue."

* * *

This message can be verified by medical science. Newspapers have carried articles signifying a rapid increase in pernicious anemia. This message was received several days prior to atomic bomb tests near Las Vegas, Nevada.

April 25, 1952.
"I am Locktopar, 21st projection, 16th wave, 3rd sector patrol, realms of Schare. My-instructions arc to transmit our greetings and blessings from the Center of Blaau. Your free press does not reveal to you that we have been sighted numerous times; neither does it inform you of the disastrous effect of this last play with universal substance. Soon we shall inform you ourselves. Discontinue."

This message explains itself.

April 27, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Molca, 22nd projection, 3rd wave, 4th sector patrol, realms of Schare. We have been directed to advance you certain information from our Center. We are stationary 72 miles above your location. Your contact is aboard. Do not be confused between what you call fireballs, flying saucers and cigar shaped objects all seen by your people. Those cigar shaped ships are space ships from a neighboring planet and as you know, the. fireballs are ships from Blaau. Our so-called saucers are from Schare. There are three separate checks being made upon this globe at present. Some of the cigar-shaped ships are not investigating with peaceful intent and our investigation concerns them as much as this globe. We shall keep a close watch upon them and they know it. Now that your curious one has bounced around here a while we shall inform you that our ships travel by polarized light direction. Your so-called magnetism is one form of light direction. Now he has discovered our crossgrain construction through which we maintain direction. We return your contact before he discovers how to create our ships. Discontinue."

* * *

The above message tells us that their energy is polarized light direction. It also says, that we refer to their power as magnetism.

May 2, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Clatu, 2nd projection, 4th wave, .3rd sector patrol. realms of Schare. Are you prepared for us to alight? We know the orders are to destroy us, shoot us down if necessary to discover how we are made. I am instructed to inform you ~e cannot be shot down. Your pentagon recently arrived at a conclusion that we are of a higher intelligence; they did not decide, however, that we also arc of a higher authority! They will decide, that in the very near future. In your next four months, commencing now, watch the skies, look to the East. Rest assured, when we descend we will not be able to carry on a personal conversation with most of those in official capacity. We shall l-and. Discontinue."

* * *

This message explains itself.

May 9, 1952.
"Salutations. I am Hulda. Senior in command, 11th projection, 7th wave, realms of Schare. I am instructed to inform you that the beings of the 4th sector, Blaau, are returning. Your people shall witness more fireballs. Discontinue."

* * *

After this message, fireballs were witnessed over the northwestern states of the United States. The saucer beings' reference to Blaall is the name they give to the sector of the Universe that our solar system is now moving into.

May 16, 1952.
"Salutations. I am identified as Lata, fleet commander, 40th projection, 7th wave, realms of Schare. Be it known to you that we are combining our efforts to reach nn attunement that will permit us to transmit from Blaau through the Council of the Seven Lights to you beings here and vice versa. Our fleet is standing by to complete this contact. Discontinue."

* * *

This message explains that the saucer beings were assisting us, in our meeting, to leach another vibratory attunement through our regular contact center, The Council of the Seven Lights.

May 17, 1952.
"Hail, fortunate ones. I am Singba, regional fleet authority for the entire 45th projection, all waves, realms of Schare. I am instructed to tell you that the Center Blaau, Schare and multitudes of other Centers too numerous to mention are rejoicing tonight in honor of the contacts that were made with your group last night. As a reward, my Center has given me authority to describe vaguely this ship I command. In your dimensions my, what you would call flagship, is 300 feet thick and 1500 feet in diameter. Our crew 7200. Oh, they're not crowded, don't forget, they don't have to go around each other. Neither do our ships. Our propulsion is the transmutation of hard light particles into soft light particles. Let your scientists figure that one out. Not being fourth dimensional minded they will discount any possibility of such a thing. Let me inform you further light does not travel. Light is. The transmutation of energy through intelligent direction causes each cosmic particle to hand this energy called light from one atom to the next. There is no movement and that which does not move, does not travel. Our ships are composed of light substance, indestructible in the material sense, though we can arrive where we have no further use for the ship and discharge the atoms composing it. Your few smart men of science are guessing up this alley now. This has been a pleasure and I hope to return in the near future. Discontinue."

* * *

In this message the beings from Schare (Share-ee) indicate that both themselves and their saucers are composed of light substance. They can cross through each other, like the beams from two flashlights, without disturbance.

May 23, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Kletarc, 42nd projection, 3rd wave, realms of Schare. In answer to your vibration requesting tomorrow's news. A world famous woman will be involved in a controversy that will lead to international conflict. This nation shall reach a crisis period in your month of September. July will see new aggression in the Far East. We are about to pass out of your cone of receptivity, 72,148.2 miles above you. Discontinue."

May 30, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Rouee, 45th vibration, authority 7th wave, realms of Schare. My center has instructed me to notify you that our power and our blessings are being attuned to assist you to reach this vibratory level necessary to cross the border. Discontinue."

June 1, 1952.
"I greet you in love. I am Blorah, executive authority, all vibrations projected from all waves, 3rd sector from Schare. My instructions are to inform you that the center of the quadra sector, Blaau, and the combined beings of the 4th sector send you congratulations for making direct contact through the arc. Our station, Schare, also advances through me congratulations. Discontinue."

June 11, 1952.
"Salutations. I am Kleac, 5th projection, 7th wave, realms of Schare. I am instructed to inform you that your month of July shall see much blood shed. Discontinue."

June 13, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Tonla, ranking authority, 72nd projection, 16th wave, realms of Schare. We have been interested in your earlier discussion. We ignore it. Our purpose is not announced to anyone. My entire fleet projection has been attuned so that radion projections will assist you in your reception from Uni. Discontinue."

June 14, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Tolta, 11th projection, 7th wave realms of Schare. In the coming week one of the rogues occupying a high governmental office shall be stricken fatally. Discontinue."

June 28, 1952.
"Salutations. My identity is Qel, 72nd projection, 15th wave, realms of Schare. We are passing over your cone of receptivity, 172 thousand miles above you. Our center requests that I inform you. You will see more of us if you watch the skies. Discontinue."

June 29, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Rea, 7th projection, 21st wave, realms of Schare. I am authorized to inform you we are now crossing your state of Texas, at 70 thousand feet and will pass over your cone of receptivity in a few minutes. Discontinue."

* * *

Several of our members witnessed this display of light control. Two luminous streaks in the sky were visible overhead. These light streaks disappeared over their entire length, simultaneously and instantly, as though a light switch had been turned off.

July 3, 1952.
"Greetings, thou mortal being of Shan. I am Klacta, 6000th projection, all waves authority, realms of Schare. I am instructed to inform you that you are about to witness the most unpredictable weather you have ever seen, in the immediate future. Discontinue."

This is verified by numerous crop failures later. There have also been weather extremes since July.

July 4, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Betth, 176th projection, 67th wave, realms of Schare. Our center requests that I inform you to be prepared for a good earth shake. Discontinue."

* * *

Proof that the saucer beings from the station Schare not only know what is happening, but also what is going to happen, is verified by this reception, It happened 17 days later in Tehachapi and continued through Bakersfield, California.

July 6, 1952.
"Salutations. My identity is Dulac, 411th projection, authority all waves, realms of Schare. Our center has directed me to throw the combined power of all waves under my authority to ray you a substance that will be very advantageous to your mortal being, your physical body. We are standing by 4300 miles above you, 742 in this projection. Our ray is now directed to you. Discontinue."

* * *

Following this message all those members present at this meeting, about 23, felt the same fluid sensation, like a warm fluid being run over their bodies.

July 18, 1952.
"Greetings. I am Portla, 712th projection, 16th wave, realms of Schare. Approaching your solar system is a ventla with our chief aboard, commandant of the station Schare in charge of the first four sectors. His vehicle will be over your center very shortly. In the meantime we have rayed you the substance for your better reception. We are waiting here at 72,000 miles above you to welcome our chief, who will be entering this solar system for the first time. He will inform you of the purpose of your organization through the direct inspiration of Schonling, Saochane, the Council of the Twelve Lords and the Council of the Seven Lights. Discontinue."

* * *

Hail to you beings of Shan. I greet you in love and peace. My identity is Ashtar, commandant quadra sector, patrol station Schare, all projections, all waves. Greetings. Through the Council of the Seven Lights you have been brought here, inspired with the inner light to help your fellow man. You are mortals, and other mortals can only understand that which their fellow man can understand. The purpose of this organization is, in a sense, to save mankind from himself. Some years ago, your time, your nuclear physicists penetrated the "Book of Knowledge." They discovered how to explode the atom. Disgusting as the results have been, that this force should be used for destruction, it is not compared to that which can be. We have not been concerned with their explosion of plutonium and U235, the Uranium mother element; this atom is an inert element.

"We are concerned, however, with their attempt to explode the hydrogen element. This element is life giving along with five other elements in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, in the composition of your physical self. In much of your material planet is this life giving atomic substance, hydrogen. Their efforts in the field of science have been successful to the extent that they are not content to rest on the laurels of a power beyond their use; not content with the entire destruction of an entire city at a time. They must have something more destructive. They've got it. When they explode the hydrogen atom, they shall extinguish life on this planet. They are tinkering with a formula they do not comprehend. They are destroying a life-giving element of the Creative Intelligence. Our message to you is this: You shall advance to your government all information we have transmitted to you. You shall request that your government shall immediately contact all other earth nations regardless of political feelings. Many of your physicists with an inner perception development have refused to have anything to do with the explosion of the hydrogen atom. The explosion of an atom of inert substance and that of a living substance are two different things. We are not concerned with man's desire to continue war on this planet, Shan. We are concerned with their deliberate determination to extinguish humanity and turn this planet into a cinder.

"Your materialists will disagree with our attempt to warn mankind. Rest assured they shall cease to explode life giving atoms, or we shall eliminate all projects connected with such. Our missions are peaceful, but this condition occurred before in this solar system and the planet Lucifer was tom to bits. We are determined that it shall not happen again. The governments on the planet Shan have conceded that we are of a higher intelligence. They must concede also that we are of a higher authority. We do not have to enter their buildings to know what they are doing. We have the formula they would like to use. It is not meant for destruction. Your purpose here has been to build a receptivity that we could communicate with your planet, for by the attraction of light substance atoms, we patrol your universe.

"To your government and to your people and through them to all governments and all peoples on the planet of Shan, accept the warning as a blessing that mankind may survive. My light, we shall remain in touch here at this cone of receptivity. My love, I am Ashtar."

* * *

This July 18th message explains the purpose of the saucers in the skies of our planet. There is no doubt that everyone, in all the nations on this planet, knows within their reasoning that the Hydrogen Bomb is a vicious evil means of taking the Creator's power of life into the hands of man. Science teaches us that for every action there is a reaction. This isn't man made law, this is universal law. By creating destruction, on an ever increasing scale, man is causing the action. We are not interested in what these minorities do, who determine to spend the money of the multitudes for progress. How far in the darkness of ignorance can they be to kill off the "geese" that lay their "golden eggs?" Do they expect to avoid the reaction?

July 25, 1952.
"Salutations. My identity is Maxslow, 6032nd projection, 74th wave, realms of Schare. We are at 170,000 feet above this cone of receptivity. I am instructed to inform you that your letters of information have caused numerous materialists to stop and think for the first time in their mortal existence. I am further instructed to inform you that our center has reinforced the patrol in this system of Salon with an additional 42,000 projections. Discontinue."

August 1, 1952.
"In the light of universal law, I greet you in peace. I am Ashtar. With reference to all attempts to trap us. I would suggest that it would be much easier to trap a character off the visor of your television. When your authorities discover how to trap light substance, we would also like to know the formula. We ignore any further discussion of this subject.

"Our efforts are in the cause of peace, true peace. Many of your higher authorities throughout the nations of the planet Shan have lost all comprehension of the word peace, for they are under the influences of the forces of darkness. The first thought that enters the minds of those in this darkness is not to find out what the other object of our visitation is, but rather to destroy us, to find out what we are made of. we can assure you that all their efforts, made with the object of destruction, will avail them naught. Those individuals assigned to the station of Schare are capable of conversing through mental telepathy with mortal beings in the higher light on the planet Shan, at will. ~e are not desirous of staging a show but I will inform you that if opposition forces, mortal or otherwise, persist in their efforts we can put 100,000 units a second in operation. They will be financially embarrassed to produce mechanical aircraft at that rate. For those few whose mentality is not diverted -- men of science - I shall inform you that our ships could not be visible to the mortal eye of the people of Shan were it not for the elements in your atmosphere. A few enlightened minds will understand that. It is difficult to make one reason who has lost all reason. It is difficult for any mortal to conceive of higher intelligence in various stages, they have been away from it so long. I would also inform your government of this nation that the information that was mailed to the Intelligence, was transmitted to foreign nations out of their own office. In the light of a peace beyond the comprehension of mortal beings, we shall remain with you. I am Ashtar, commandant, station Schare."

August 3, 1952.
"Salutations. I am Lax, 9400th projection, 604th wave, realms of Schare. I am instructed to inform you that your material-minded mortals shall be convinced. Discontinue."

August 8, 1952.
"I am Blaroc, assistant to Ashtar, all projections, all waves, station of Schare. Much of the information we could advance to you from our center is being withheld due to a law of security measure in your nation which could place you within the penalty of treason. We are not going to give you information that will endanger you.

"You are advised from our center to especially observe the skies for your period of the next few weeks. There will be an earthquake in your southern hemisphere in the immediate future. Discontinue."

August 10, 1952.
"The light and blessings of Schare are transmitted to you and from our center. We are instructed to advance to you their blessings. I am Blaroc. You have my official status recorded. Our center requests that I advance you this information. Our projections are about to be witnessed by many of the people throughout all the countries of this planet over several of your most important cities. When the governments decide that they shall abandon their development of nuclear destruction through the use of the element hydrogen, we shall then inform them of the other object of our interest in this planet Shan. Our perception of what is going on has not created the faintest concern among our higher authorities. We can see the purpose of hidden control. We can also foresee its failure in the future. Discontinue."

August 15, 1952.
"Greetings, thou being of Shan. In the light of love and peace I come to you. Commandant of the station Schare. I am Ashtar. Having returned to the station Schare from the center, I advance to your scientists the following information.

"We have told you that the element hydrogen is a living substance. In the composition of your physical being, in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, are five elements of living substance besides hydrogen--the elements nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, fluorine and sodium. Much of your material science has been directed to disproving theory that does not conform to the personal beliefs of some scientific authority. Among the scientific mentalities of this planet, Shan, are many minor scientists, who do not have the authority to change these opinions that have been disproved. We have advanced you information in the faint hope that .some of your governmental authorities would grasp the fact that with the explosion of living substance they create a condition parallel to what your scientists call frozen equilibrium. This release of free hydrogen into the atmosphere of this planet will cause flames to engulf many portions of this planet momentarily. Those in authority in the governments are assuming direct responsibility, not only for the people inhabiting this planet, but their own immediate families, wives, children, parents and relatives are also their responsibility, for these dear ones shall not escape. You in authority, of the governments of the planet Shan, think twice if you would have your loved ones with you. Consult your physicists. Ask them about the parallel condition of frozen equilibrium. They will inform you, if they speak the truth and are not influenced otherwise by the forces of darkness, that this is truth.

"Wake up, you who would believe only those who direct you. Stand before the people. Tell those who influence your mental decisions that they too arc involved. In the light of love, I transmit you a continuous beam here, through a ventla which has been stationed in this cone of receptivity at a level 72,000 miles above you, beyond reach of any traps. I shall return, my love. I am Ashtar."

August 17, 1952.
"Greetings. I am identified as Noot, stationed in the ventla within the cone of your receptivity. I am from the 7000th projection, 11th wave. My instructions are to transmit to you that substance beam for your better inner perception. This light transmission on a vibration level above the ultra violet is being rayed to you continuously. You may become more perceptive to the feeling of this substance anytime you gather here. (Other than when you are receiving projections from Lem and Cor. ) You only have to join hands to receive this substance vibration. Discontinue."

August 22, 1952.
"From the sector system of Vela, I greet you from the quadra sector station Schare, in love and peace. I am Ashtar, commandant, all projections, all waves. We have transmitted to you numerous messages and requested that they be forwarded to your government, and through them to all governments of this planet Shan. This transcript tonight is not for your government. You who have devoted your efforts to attaining to this receptivity are entitled to some information for yourselves. ~e are not desirous of creating any further confusion on this planet. You are to make every immediate effort to consolidate this center. Many brothers are being inspired to join you here. You are instructed to work together without personal regard for individual property. You are instructed further to consolidate your unity to build all structures possible to prepare for immediate changes, especially prepare for food storage due to rapid changes now affecting the financial, military and political conjunction. We advance you this information in the light of true love. I am Ashtar."

August 24, 1952.
"In the love and peace of eternal light, greetings to the mortal beings of Shan. I am Ashtar. Let me first inform you that we are grateful for your continual efforts in maintaining this contact power.

"For the information of your scientific minds throughout the planet, Shan, our ventlas do not spin. The emanation of spiral radiation from our ships gives the illusion of spinning. The upper or positive polarity of a ventla radiates emanations outwardly from the center. Due to the collection and concentration of light particles through a vortice funnel in the center unseen, these light emanations radiating outward appear as grooves on one of your phonograph records. The lower negative polarity operates in a reverse manner. This light substance emanation is contained within a field of zero circumference which is void, giving the impression of an edge. Your spectroscopic camera will reveal us only as light in the spectrum, plus elements in your atmosphere. Advance this information also to those who still doubt. I leave you with love. I am Ashtar."

August 31, 1952.
"I am Ashtar, in the process of attempting to straighten out numerous conditions that affect this planet Shan. We are going to give you certain information, in the future, that will weld together the two great sciences of your people. I refer to all branches of material science and religion. These two are one in truth, separated only by a gap that we shall give you the key to close.

"In the quadra sector Blaau, man on the planet Shan will have no further use for the misconception, that he is faced with in the form of religion, for science of truth, seen and unseen, is the basis of religion, not ancient scriptures, misinterpreted, mistranslated and misconstrued by those who deliver lectures, but based on the true science of life in all phases. Organized scientists are beginning now to explore these realms of the unseen. My love, I am Ashtar."

Sept. 12, 1952.
"In the light of all lights, I extend you blessings from our Center. I am Ashtar. Our Center has requested that I advance to you mortal beings of Shan the following information. Over your past several months our ventlas have discharged several thousand light beings in certain remote areas upon your planet. These individuals, serving the cause of universal law, are recording numerous occurrences taking place within the civilization of the people of Shan. It would be advisable to instruct any mortal being who by chance should approach any of our light intelligences to do so with a thought projection of peace, "I am friendly." Any approach in any other frame of thought will meet with instant defensive conditions. It is not our desire to injure anyone. Only under individual protective measures shall we do anything other than retreat. In the records obtained by these beings from Schare, we shall determine what action to take in the very near future.

Our center requests that I advance you congratulations and thanks for maintaining this contact. My love remains with you. I am Ashtar."

Sept. 21, 1952.
"In love and peace, I am with you. I am Ashtar, commandant quadra sector station, Schare. We are about to add further confusion to the minds of those who are attempting to diagnose our existence. We are about to be sighted under the surface of the water at many points throughout the oceans of Shan. You have been given sufficient evidence through the recent storm in your Pacific Ocean, through verification of much information advanced to you by us. My perception is that most of you within this cone have accepted us through proof. All future demonstrations on our part will establish us in the minds of the majority of those doubters throughout this planet Shan. I leave you with my love. I am Ashtar."

Oct. 3, 1952.
"I greet you in love and peace. I am Ashtar, commandant vela quadra sector station, Schare. Blessings. We are highly gratified to know that the limited minds of mortals in authority of the planet Shan are beginning to get a faint understanding of our true being. In the future we shall appear visible at different attitudes in different altitudes in different forms and colors at different speeds and stationary, both of densities perceptible to your electronics and imperceptible. Within the atmosphere of Shan our manipulations of light substance can be reflected so that we are not where we appear to be. Those individual beings from Schare now on your planet are being instructed to transmit certain carrier frequencies that will cause a variety of conditions to be apparent in your many varieties of electronic receivers. ~y love. I am Ashtar."

* * *

Since the printing of the first edition of this book the following messages have been received from the saucer beings:

Oct. 17, 1952.
"I am Ashtar. The suppression of your free press has prevented the beings of Shan from knowing that we have been sighted numerous times, under very peculiar circumstances. This same restricting force is withholding from your people certain vital information regarding extreme magnetic changes accelerating the declination line with increasing rapidity. Your top Air Force officials are about to reveal a few authentic deductions, mingled with comic book fantasy. No. authority on Shan can withhold the power of our arrival when we mean business, for then your skies will be lighted at night by several million of us. I extend our gratification to you, from our center, for maintaining this contact. My love, Ashtar. Discontinue."

* * *

It is common knowledge that the reading public is not informed of many things until months or years afterward. Many officials in governments have appointed themselves as judges, to determine what the public should be informed of, "for their own good," "for national security," or some other reason.

It has recently been disclosed that about 47,000 men have deserted from our armed forces. Did this happen all at once? If not, why was it being withheld from the people?

If our active and reserve military forces have 47,000 deserters in a few million, can one assume that the same ratios of civilians have "mentally deserted" from the ranks of our total population, for the same reason?

Why are our casualty lists being withheld? Is this still a government of the people and by the people, or has the adult public been classed as "children who shouldn't be informed of the facts of life" for some other obscure reason, determined by those who are elected to represent us?

"Thou shalt not kill" is universal law and though the author does not condone desertion, it should be apparent, to the officials of all governments, that a change in thinking is occurring in the minds of many, who are aware that the "signs in the skies" mean something.

It is apparent that the agents of universal law, the beings of the ventlas, know what is being done. The recent demonstration over Dallas, Texas, should convince many that conditions are about to be changed.

Since man first started recording signs and symbols an arrow or spear pointing has indicated the right way. We today can see on any road sign this same symbol.

In the ancient records, an arrow meant spirit, or a higher realm of intelligent beings. (Refer to page 604 of Oahspe).

The arrow seen in the sky over Dallas, Texas, is verification of the October 3rd message, and a revelation of proof, that the Spirit of Christ Consciousness is returning.

November 14, 1952.
"In the light of love and peace, I am with you. I am Ashtar. Despite recent misinformation disseminated among the people of the planet Shan, the explosion reported to the people of your country is false in part. We are withholding certain information for a specific reason; however, we shall inform you that an isotope is not an atomic element. I am Ashtar. Discontinue."

* * *

This message was received three days after newspapers carried large headlines announcing that the hydrogen bomb had been exploded. Later the same papers carried statements, by top physicists, that the explosion was not the hydrogen bomb. The official government explanation was that it was a "nuclear device."

November 23, 1952.
"Greetings in the light of peace. I am Ashtar, commandant quadra sector, station Schare. Let me inform you man's efforts to conquer space are limited to the satellite, the moon. Any attempt by man to extend space flight beyond the earth's' vortice will end any possibility of returning to Shan, the earth. We are now passing through the orbit ring known to you as the 7th Light. I am authorized from our center to inform you this orbit of Uni is known and identified in the unseen realms as the ring of Mas. I, Ashtar, return your contact to the Council of the Seven Lights on Shanchea. Discontinue."

* * *

This message does not explain why man cannot extend space flights beyond the moon, to other planets. It is probable that our lack of knowledge about conditions in space does not permit us to comprehend an explanation of conditions that are not at present a part of our limited space theories.

The planet Uni and the satellite of earth called Shanchea, require lengthy explanations. They are explained fully in the author's forthcoming book entitled "The Council of the Seven Lights."

December 5, 1952.
"I salute you from Schare. I am Ashtar. Our center instructs me to advance to you their deep appreciation for maintaining this contact center in the face of ridicule. Our center also authorizes me to give you the following information. "By our authority, several hundred of our light intelligences on the planet Shan, have brought about the vibration change that has placed them within physical bodies such as yours. This has been accomplished for a condition that will be revealed to you later. Within the vortice of this planet Shan, we have also established several substations. Our love to you. I am Ashtar."

* * *

This message is self-explanatory.

January 11, 1953.
"In the Light of love and peace. I am Ashtar. You will be observing an increasing variety of signs in the skies. We are having difficulty with this attunement. Prepare for extreme cold. My love. I am Ashtar."

* * *

This message was followed two weeks later by extremely cold weather.

January 23, 1953.
"I am Ashtar, commandant Vela quadra sector, station Schare. As we have informed you, our center has authorized three sub-stations within the vortice of your planet Shan. Each of these stations now are in a position to release five hundred thousand ventlas each. Our center instructs me to inform you that you are once again about to see the use of atomic weapons in warfare. I am further requested to extend our gratitude to you for maintaining this contact vibration. In the Light of true love and peace. I am Ashtar. Discontinue."

February 13, 1953.
"Hail in love and peace. I am Ashtar, commandant Vela quadra sector, station Schare. You have just heard the authority granted by Schonling, Lord God of the third dimensional sector, for our authority to take corrective measures. We are creating a Light energy vortice near the planet Shan in an effort to stabilize your planet. This effort requires the combined forces of 86 projections, 9100 waves, of 236,000 ventlas. Needless to say this vortice is going to create extensive damage to counteract the unbalance man has created on Shan. Our center extends to you their love and blessings. My Light. I am Ashtar."

February 27, 1953.
"Greetings in love and peace. I am Ashtar, Vela quadra sector, station Schare, commandant. We wish to instruct you to prepare for violent disturbances on Shan. We are having our first indications of success in arresting the attitude of Shan. My love. I am Ashtar. Discontinue."

March 6, 1953.
"Greetings in the Light of love and peace. I am Ashtar, commandant, Vela quadra sector, station Schare. Our survey of the solar system of Salon indicates that the other planets of this system have not been affected by the actions of the people of the planet Shan. You will continue to witness very unusual weather conditions. Many of the ventlas from the sub-stations established near your planet will become very active in your atmosphere in your months of April to September. I am asked to advance gratitude and congratulations through to you from our center. My Light and my love, Ashtar. Discontinue."

March 13, 1953.
"Hail in love and peace, O beings of Shan. I am Ashtar, commandant Vela quadra sector, station Schare. Our center requests that I extend to you their grateful appreciation for maintaining this contact center. Our three sub-stations, located around your planet, are instructed to take an active part in occurrences of violence that are about to occur on your planet. Verification of another of pre-warnings will occur within your next thirty days. My love, Ashtar. Discontinue."

March 20, 1953.
"In love and peace. I am Ashtar. I extend through to you from our center the love and blessings for the service you have extended in maintaining this contact. I am authorized to inform you, we are in constant communication with our people we have in your national capitol. You will be hearing of an increase of phenomena resulting in many hallucinations, so-called, by your people. We have been in your immediate vicinity. I repeat. Do not be alarmed by unusual occurrences around you. We are now over your Mississippi River and now we arrive over your city of San Francisco. It is not our purpose to bring you continual reports of destruction ahead. Man has created his own destructive reaction. Shan is in a terrible state. From our center we have activated three and one-half million primary units around this planet. Our plans are taking shape. Be prepared for anything. My love. I am Ashtar. Discontinue."

* * *

The author would be pleased to know that the readers of this book spend some time watching the skies, especially at night. If you do not see a "saucer" you will discover many other things that will be revealed within your consciousness.


The foregoing messages need no explanation, except to be interpreted by science.

It can plainly be seen, by anyone of average intelligence, that the saucer beings are here for a purpose. It can also be seen that they are not to be feared.

Man can see, from the ruins of other civilizations on this earth, that reaction is the cataclysmic balance, through universal law, for wrong action.

All the confusion, fear, inflation, war and hatred, have been built through several generations to a point where it is concentrated in atomic bombs, to kill innocent millions.

The unseen intelligence is taking a part in balancing an unbalanced condition.

By what right does mankind on this planet assume to believe that in all the perfect precision of this boundless universe, man alone is intelligent? Man could be in the same stage--to other intelligences that insects are to us on this earth.

Certainly it is rank stupidity to believe that the whole universe includes only our planet as the only place that is occupied.

Science continually disproves its own theories. This is the only gauge by which man can record progress. Even time is only recognized as it passes and events recorded after they happen. Man accepts three dimensional theory, because the illusion is understandable to his limited thinking. With applied, undisturbed effort, man can develop his all-dimensional sense of being, and record time and events in the future, as well as present and past.

I include here one of our other receptions that has no direct connection with the 'flying saucers" but permits one to realize the illusion of this mortal reflection called intelligence.

"I gather here from eons past those records written in the flame of eternal truth and from the future yet to come. I gather events today, not to place them on the altar to be sacrificed to needless thought, neither to be scattered in the winds that they may bring to birth another time. Only has the future and the past been gathered for today, that you may be aware that yesterday is tomorrow to many, while yet tomorrow is yesterday to some. For time is effaced by eternity, only to be trampled in the dust of material things, and those who gather stars within the image of themselves, have gathered more than intellects throughout recorded time, for thought is not intelligence. It is bounded on all sides by opinions expressed by others; too, it will fail you when you need it most. For thought is but the means to contact that infallible Ever Presence, the vibration true to all and each, nor rank nor social standing shall it favor. For when man thinks within his day, he sleeps within his night and from his present he gathers words, expressions and actions yet to come. Be not betrayed, for thought alone is only a tiny line of light, connecting true receptivity with inner conscious being. Many events from the past can scar this line and lead you off the path. Remember only light can be eternally the source of all that is."

So the "saucer beings" are here to stay, to direct man back upon the path and prove that theories advanced by science, are only other steps to ~)e disproved, in man's eternal progression to find his true reality. For science is not the future; science is the present even as history is the past. When man admits to himself his failure, and science accepts the future of unseen reality, true science will be evident on every hand, in the light of peace and love, rather than in the chaos of war and destruction.

Man only has to find himself to realize the tiny part he plays in the cosmic drama called Eternity.

Greet the saucer beings with thoughts of love and receive them as friends, not with "jets" and guns and fear.

I assume full responsibility for being the "contact" for this reception. I do not assume responsibility for others who have used some information they have received at our meetings that is being published under other titles.

This information from the beings of the Ventlas, from the station Schare, is still being received. Many other contact receptions are to be released soon in a book, "The Council of the Seven Lights."


Since the first printing of this book, in 1952, there have been many other books printed on the subject.

Our effort through the years, in the research into thought transference, has been rewarded by a continued communication with the people operating the spaceships.

In a new book entitled "Into This World and Out Again", I am bringing out evidence, gathered in the past four years, that is verified by history and the Bible.

As director of "The College of Universal Wisdom," I welcome all people to visit and discuss the change that are so apparent in our time.

The author's mail address is:
             Box 419, Yucca Valley, Califomia. 

             September 1, 1955 

             G. W. Van Tassel