Dan Martin - The Watcher

In the year 1940, I (through mental telepathy) received the following message: England will lose this war, the U.S.A. will be drawn into it materially. There will be more American Troops in Europe this time than before. American forces will land on the West Coast of Africa and advance overland to Europe. American military might will conquer immediately after the conclusion of this war. There will appear strange objects in the skies about the Earth. The people will hear many wonderful stories concerning these objects, some to the effect that the Earth is being menaced by outer planetary forces. It will be your job to tell the truth about these strange objects, where they come from, by whose authority they are here, and for what purpose they have appeared at this time.

This is now twenty years ago, but you can see by this, that I am NOT as has been said of me, "a new comer" to the field of U. F. Os., but on the contrary, I am one of the first, if not actually the very first, to have any knowledge of the now current and much publicized "Flying Saucer" phenomenia. Vague as it was, yet sufficient to show that my source of information possessed this knowledge at least twenty years ago. I made a written record of this information, at the time of its origin and sent a copy to the Mormon Church Office at Salt Lake City, Utah. Also a copy to the Adventist Church Office in Sacramento, Calif., and one to my Mother at Menard, Texas. One has only to aquaint themselves with history and my own personal record to understand to what extent these prophecies have been fulfilled up to the present time.

Now as said above, I received this information in the year 1940. I did not receive any further information or instructions along this line until fifteen years later, Aug. 1955. However, shortly after the end of World War II in 1947, a Mr. Kenneth Arnold, startled the world with his story of saucer shaped objects which he sighted in the sky. There upon the skies suddenly become literally saturated with "Flying Saucers." There was indeed many strange and sometimes ridiculous and seemingly impossible stories which were circulated, concerning "Flying Saucers." Books were written, magazine and newspaper articles were published, great claims were made by some of these writers and lecturers, all reporting to tell where these strange objects came from and what their purpose was. Many of these stories seemed to be quite contradictory. Significantly enough, none seem to know by what authority they came, nor by what name they should be called. So they compromised by calling them "Space People" and "Flying Saucers."

In spite of the fact that I had been told some few years prior to their actual appearance, that I was destined to tell the truth about them. It was nearly eight years, before I received any further information relative to "Flying Saucers" or "Space Crafts." I never saw a Flying Saucer nor did I have any telepathic contact between the years 1947 and 1955. Everyone seemed to know more about these U. F. Os. than I did. Indeed, I had begun to wonder if perhaps I had "goofed" somewhere along the way. Had I failed to properly respond to the first reports of sightings? Although I did at once, as soon as I heard of Mr. Arnold's story. I began to tell friends and acquaintances, "That's them, I told you they would come. Yes, they are outer planetary beings, etc." This was all I could do, for I had no other information However, I did not give up, I just waited for further instructions. This came in the year 1955, sometime in Aug., I think it was about Aug. 15.

I was living at this time, at Eagle Pass, Texas. This is a small town on the V. S. and Mexican border, situated on the very banks of the Rio Grande River, which is the border line between the U. S. and Mexico. On the Mexican side of the river is the town of Pedras Negras. My mother lived about two hundred miles in the interior of Texas. At this time, Aug. 1955, I started on a trip to visit her. I had gone about half way and was approximately one hundred miles from Eagle Pass. I had to cross Nueses River in a rather remote section of Texas. This particular territory is very sparsely settled, there being only large cattle and sheep ranches. The roads are not heavily traveled as in. other sections of the state. I had been driving through the mountains and had just dropped down into the river bottom lands and a fairly level and straight road. Around midnight or later, when I quite suddenly felt a strange sensation, as if my arms and legs, indeed my whole body, began to tingle and felt somewhat as though they might be going to sleep. I thought this very strange and it was a little frightening. I thought just possibly I might be being threatened with a heart attack. Accordingly, I pulled my car over to the right side of the road and came to a stop. I distinctly remember making sure I was well off the road before I came to a stop. I don't remember if I switched off the ignition or not, but at least the car came to a stop and the engine stopped running. No sooner had I come to a definite stop than my attention was drawn to some noise behind me. Before I had time to think what it might be, an object came rushing up and came to a stop on the opposite side of the road from me. There seemed to be a kind of a rushing wind, but I heard no sound of motor or brakes. The object had somewhat the appearance of a R.R. Diesel locomotive. It appeared to be about eight inches off the ground, I could see no landing gears of any kind. The stern of this object was about even with the front end was slightly rounded and apparently had glass windows. I could plainly see one man and I thought two men in the front end. There were no portholes, windows or fins anywhere visible to me. This object I would judge to be fifty or sixty feet long and twelve to fifteen feet wide. When it had come to a stop, I opened my car door and got out. I walked across the road and approached the object from the rear end. I did not seem to be frightened, but l certainly was curious. At about this time a door opened in the stern and just as I approached to within a few feet, a lady stepped out and onto the ground and the door closed behind her. She was wearing a mask, very much like the gas mask worn by our soldiers during the First World War. It did not cover her whole head, just her face. She stood for a moment and seemed to take a couple of deep breaths and then reaching up with both hands, she removed the mask from her face and held it in her right hand. I saw a very pleasant appearing, rather young looking lady, weighing maybe one hundred and ten pounds, rather short though well proportioned. I could not say she was in any way glamorous, just very attractive and pleasant appearing. After removing the mask she looked me squarely in the face and smiled. She did not look "spooky" or ghost like. She spoke to me saying, "Hello there Mr. Martin." I answered saying, "Hello, you." As an after thought I added, "Since I don't know your name." She said, "I know yours alright." "Yes, I know you do," I answered. She began talking now, telling me they had been sent to contact me, to inform me that I had not been forgotten, that I would be contacted later and taken aboard a large space ship, where I would see and hear many wonderful things. Thus, I would be prepared to fulfill my mission of telling the world about "Flying Saucers" so called, and Space Ships generally. She explained why I had not been personally contacted earlier as had others. She also told me many things about myself, which I had believed about myself. Thus, she convinced me that what she had to say was all true and I could depend upon it. Now she asked if I had any questions I would like to ask her. I couldn't think of any sensible thing to ask, but finally did blurt out, "Why is it that you, being a woman, are sent to speak to me when I can see that there are men aboard the craft?" She replied that she was the only one aboard who could "speak my language." She did not say English. Now she told me that they were from the planet Mercury, so I then said, "Our scientists tell us that the planet Mercury is too near the Sun to have animal life." She smiled rather broadly at this and said, "You see I am alive." Well, that settled that, I had to admit that she seemed very much alive to me. She waited a short while and when I couldn't think of anything more to ask her, she turned back to the door, which opened exactly as it had previously. When she had passed inside, the door closed and instantly the ship took off. I never heard the roar of motors or other sounds indicating a take off. It did not rise straight up, but left the Earth at a rather sharp angle, easily clearing the tops of some very tall trees which stood not more than one hundred yards ahead of us. In a matter of seconds it seemed, it disappeared into the night sky, in a northeasterly direction. After the object disappeared into the night, I returned to my car, got in and started the motor. Again, I cannot say I switched on the ignition, but I do remember starting the motor. I drove back on the road and proceeded on my way to my mother's home. I stayed all night with her, we visited and talked just as a mother and son might. I did not mention to her or any one else, my experience of the night before

I returned to the border country, went into Mexico, and shortly came back to Eagle Pass, Texas, where I took a little housekeeping apartment. I did not have any place I could correctly call home and as for that matter, I do not have a home yet. This manner of life went on for almost a year. I did not hear any more from them during this interval, Aug. 15th to June 11th, 1956. About a year elapsed, and I was living alone in a little one room apartment or housekeeping room. On the 11th day of June, 1956, I had been listening to a radio program being broadcast from Pasadena, Calif., "The World Tomorrow" by a Mr. Herbert V. Armstrong. I like to listen to Mr. Armstrong talk. He is a very brilliant man and I have a great respect for him. But certainly, there was nothing in his talk this night or any !light to cause one to think of "Flying Saucers." His program ended at 8: 0. I sat thinking of some of the things he had said, most of which I am in full accord with. I mention this in order to help dispel any notion that I may have fallen asleep thinking about "Flying Saucers" and so "dreamed" about them. I did not fall asleep nor is it likely that I would have dreamed about flying saucers, had I fallen asleep. As I sat thus thinking, there came a rather loud and distant rap on my back door. I had my screen door locked as I always did. So I arose from my chair, and went to the door. I looked outside and there was a man and a woman standing there. I would not say they were ordinary looking people, because there was something about them that was out of the ordinary, I could not put my finger on it. They were very pleasant and did not look spooky or anything of that nature. When I walked up to the door the man spoke. He said, "You are Mr. Martin, Dap O'Day." He didn't ask if I was Mr. Martin. He knew I was. I answered "Yes, I am." Then he said, "We have come to take you for a journey on a space ship. It will be interesting and helpful, I assure you. We will return you to your home within about seven hours, if you are ready to go." He did seem to emphasize the "if you are ready to go." I just unhooked the screen door and stepped out. I had been warned and I was supposed to be ready to go. They were standing far enough apart so that I stepped out between them. When I stepped to the ground, they each took me by my right and left arm just above the elbow, they did not grip my arm but did hold firmly enough. The lady on my left and the man on my right. As soon as they took hold of my two arms, we went up, no time was lost. The sensation was just like going up in a fast elevator. It might scare you a little, or make you feel as if you were being turned wrong side out. This was the sensation I had. I looked down and could see the lights of the two cities Nagle Pass and Pedras Negras. I could see the waters of the Rio Grande River flowing between the two cities. I knew that we were traveling fast as the lights were rapidly becoming dimmer. I did not have any particular sensation of traveling at this time, only at the start. It was a matter of minutes, until we were out of sight of the lights of the cities and the river. I began to feel very cold and I knew we were quite high.

I began to wonder about this, as I did not know if I could take much more of the cold. It was just a short while and we quite suddenly stopped. I could look around and see stars, but looking straight down I couldn't see anything. When we stopped I had the same sensation, my stomach tried to get up into my throat and almost made it. When I looked up we seemed to be under a large canopy or umbrella, which I would judge to be 35 to 50 feet in diameter. We were in the center of this covering and I noticed now, that there was a kind of tube affair suspended below the main body overhead. This tube was about four or five feet in diameter and within a few inches of our heads, as we stopped. We were suspended in mid-air below it. Almost instantly as we stopped, the bottom of this tube opened above our heads. There appeared to be a series of spiral shutters, which seemed to roll back and thus create an opening. We passed up through this opening and the shutter rolled back in place and we stood upon them. For an instant we were like sardines in a can, the top over our heads was closed, but only for an instant. Another mass of spiral shutters over our heads opened and we passed up through this opening also, and they closed under us, just as had the first ones and we stood on them. Now I looked about me. We were in a small room about 8x 10 or 10x 12 ft. This room had rounded corners and in front as we stood, on the wall, about halfway to the ceiling, there appeared a screen affair which looked like a television screen. It was about 18x 20 inches square. Just below this screen was what appeared to be a panel board of a black substance, upon which was mounted numerous instruments, clocks, meters, gauges, little levers and round knobs. In front of this screen and panel board sat a chair, which had the appearance of a bookkeeper's stool. It was high and had a back to it, being upholstered in what looked like green plastic. On each side of the room there was a settee placed against the wall. The man went to this high back stool and sat upon it. The lady and I sat upon one of the two settees. The man now reached to a black knob on the panel board and turned it to the left, instantly the screen lit up and I heard a slight humming noise begin. I looked about and definitely located this noise as coming from an instrument in the back of the room and up near the ceiling. This instrument had the appearance of an air conditioner. There, at the same time, appeared on the screen spots of light looking like stars off in the distance. There was finely drawn streams of light extending from one star to another. These crossed and formed what might be called geometrical patterns. The man kept his eyes on this screen all the time. He now reached to a small silver lever mounted on the panel board and moved it to the left. Instantly, I had the same sensation of starting up. The lady sat beside me quietly, and the man concentrated on the operation of the craft. This lasted for perhaps five or ten minutes. Again, I had the sensation of suddenly stopping. This time I heard a slight noise above our heads that sounded like metal being brought together. The man now got down from his stool and the lady and myself got up. We all again stood up on the door through which we had entered. This time, another door over our heads and in the ceiling, opened and we went up into this. It was exactly as had been in the lower or first one. We were again in a Can with a covering over our heads, but only for an instant. The covering-over our heads opened with this same spiral action and we went up through its opening. It closed under us and we stood upon it. Once again I looked about me. We were standing between two rails, about four feet apart and three feet high. These rails were composed of a substance which looked like a silver colored plastic. Immediately in front of us some 12 or 15 ft., sat a flat top desk, behind which sat a lady. This lady was dressed in what looked like a nurse's uniform. We approached this desk, my two guides on each side of me. The man spoke, introducing me to the lady behind the desk. He said, "Mr. Martin, Dap O'Day." The lady got up from her chair behind the desk, extended her hand across the desk and said, "We are glad to have you aboard." At this, my two guides turned and walked away. I did not see them any more for some time. The lady she had sat behind the desk, now came around the desk on my right side and said, "Come this way, please", and she started down a long hall to my right. I could see both ways in this hall. We seemed to be in about the center, two hundred and fifty or three hundred feet each way. To my left and what appeared to be the front end of the craft, I could see a glassed-in compartment. There were some people in here, I think there were at least four, two men and two women. To my right and in the direction we started, I could see a rather large room, with large windows facing us. There were a number of people in this room. It resembled a hotel lobby. I thought we were heading for this room. However, as we passed along the hallway we passed several closed doors on our right. The lady and I approached the last one of these closed doors and as we stood before it, the door automatically opened and she motioned me to enter. She followed and the door closed behind us. This was a small room about 10x 12 ft. In front of us sat a desk almost exactly like the one behind, in which the lady had sat. Now, behind this desk, sat a man and the like of which I had never seen before except, in an asteral experience, which I will not describe at this time. This man was extremely impressive. We approached his desk and stood before it. The lady said, "Mr. Martin, Dap O'Day." The man got up from his chair behind the desk, reached his hand across the desk and said, "I congratulate you on being ready to go when called for." He now motioned to a very small settee, indicating I was to be seated. I sat down on the settee and the lady sat by me. I thought she sat a little close, so I moved over from her a bit. She promptly moved towards me, until her body actually pressed slightly against my own. This embarrassed me a little. I have always been a little shy or bashful where ladies are concerned. I guess my face turned a little red. I looked at the man, he looked like he wanted to laugh, I looked at the lady and she looked as if she would laugh. I felt a little resentment at this point. I think they were making fun of me. The man began talking. He could evidently read my mind for he, at once assured me they were not making fun of me. He assured me that they understood that my action in moving over was considered an act of modesty on Earth, but was not so here and that the lady had sat near me for a purpose before my visit was over. He told me to relax, that I had absolutely nothing to fear, that I had been brought aboard this "Space Ship" for a vitally important purpose, that I was "a guest" and would certainly be treated as one. I would be shown through the ship, as time would permit. I would be a guest at a dinner in the ships dining salon, where I would meet many members of the crew. I should afterwards, attend a three hour lecture, given by himself. This lecture was the primary purpose for which I had been invited aboard the ship. During this lecture I should learn many important truths, which was not now known upon this Earth. They were very unorthodox and unconventional, but nevertheless, it was necessary that they be revealed, some to the public, generally others to select people and groups.

Now he began telling me about myself, that is my experiences and life in previous incarnations. Much of what he told me I had heard before, but could not quite believe, some of which I did not want to believe and would much rather it had not been true even yet. However, this man assured me that I had no cause for undue concern about my life in previous incarnations, as these were all a part of a general plan for evolvement of mankind. They were simply schooling or lessons so to speak, learned in different school terms and that the knowledge I had gained through these experiences, had been necessary and could have only been thus attained.

My understanding of this knowledge in its true sense constituted WISDOM and that in the final judgment I would be graded by the degree of wisdom I had attained and not by the means by which I had attained it. Of course, this made me feel much better for I understood what the Master Jesus meant when he admonished us against looking back into our past lives with fear and trembling. "Let the dead bury the dead," said he. After these things, he began telling me about this ship. Her name, MICHEL, some of her history, what she had done, what she could do and would yet do. I shall tell you a few of these things just as they were told to me. As time and space will permit.

This ship, whose name is MICHEL is so named for the Prince of Princes, MICHIEL, or as you know JESUS THE CHRIST OF GOD. This ship has been on active duty in and around the atmosphere of this Earth for more than six thousand years. He was her master and the lady, who sat by me was his wife. We were at an altitude of about nine hundred miles above the Earth at this time and were traveling at approximately eighteen thousand miles per hour. However, the ship was capable of much greater speed. This ship had been instrumental in performing many of the so-called miracles of biblical and other ancient record, such as the taking away of one of our ancient biblical characters Enoch by name. It had been this ship and others, which had descended to the high table land where the WATCHER had assembled before the flood and had literally taken them aboard and away from Earth before the flood. This ship had been instrumental in actually producing what we call Noah's flood. She was equipped with gravity neutralizing machine, where these forces could be thrown out just as a ray of light and would render any object it contacted weightless. I should myself see and experience this force. In fact, it was this very force which had been used to levitate me from the Earth to the small scout craft which had brought me aboard. It is this force, which is carried aboard all interplanetary crafts, which can be and is used in many marvelous ways. These ships, none of them are WAR SHIPS, but through the use of these gravity control forces which they possess, they are able to develop terrific speeds in some cases and conditions almost that of light. They are at all times and under all conditions, fully capable of defending themselves, and will do so when necessary. This force carried aboard THIS ship, was employed in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Gaza, and many other ancient constructions. It was this VERY ship which was described as "a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night" and followed the Israelian people from bondage in Egypt, through the simple use of this force directed between the people of Israel and the mighty forces of Pharoe's army which prevented Pharoe's army from attacking and recapturing Israel. Pharoe's army could not penetrate this field force which was generated by this ship at that time, nor could any army or force of modern military equipment do so today. It was this ship which is described in your Bible as, "The sun standing still" with its greatly advanced lighting equipment, it simply hovered over Joshua's forces and appeared as the Sun and gave sufficient light for proper maneuvering of his armies. By this great force the waters of the Red Sea was literally lifted up and held back, permitting the Israelites to cross over on was a chemical process by which they preserved their meat and vegetables, thus keeping them fresh without freezing.

We went back out in the hall and passed a door that had glass around it, but not as much as the lobby. I looked in and it was a rather large room with about 30 or 40 chairs in it. There wasn't anyone there so we didn't go in. We went on to the next door and entered. It turned out to be the ship's chemical lab or hospital, much like our hospitals. There was a baby in there. There were five narrow beds. A man and woman were working over a bench. There was an array of instruments on the bench and more hung on the wall. When we approached the man and woman separated, one going each way. We walked up to the bench and she explained some of the instruments. One particular item that she picked up was a little affair about the size of a lady's wrist watch. She opened it, showed it to me and explained that inside was a little motor and 2 tiny little spools. She said that this was a photographic and recording machine. On the back of it was a tiny jewel that acted as a lens for taking pictures, and registered on the spools of tape. The motor operated all the mechanism. The tape was fine and thin so that, on the tiny spool and at the rate it traveled, there was enough to last a lifetime. She said that one of these little machines contained a man's or woman's record of a complete lifetime of their activities. That is, every act they did could be recorded on that tape. Then she picked up a little round box, like a lady's compact, handed it to me and told me to look inside. I looked inside and couldn't see anything. Then she handed me a pair of lens or glasses and told me to put them on. They were solid black and you couldn't see through them. She said, "Now, look in the box." I looked again and it wasn't empty now, as it was with the naked eye. With this instrument on my eyes, I could see that there was a stone in the center of the box and it was alive. Imagine what an actual live stone would be. It was contracting and expanding and around that stone another one was circling. As this stone in the center would contract and expand, the one that was circling would go closer and then further away again. It was an eccentric circle-oblong. That one position it would be close to the center stone and then go out away from it. I was fascinated and, as I watched, it had a telling effect on me. I don't know whether there was radiation coming from it or not, but I was weak in the knees and couldn't seem to take my eyes off of it. She took me by the arm and took the glasses off of me. I couldn't see anything then and my knees felt weak. I was in pretty bad shape and she had to lead me out of there. It could have been radiation or just excitement.

After we left, we went to another room, where there was a long table with chairs around it. We sat down there at the table. I needed the rest. A man came in with a decanter and 2 glasses and set them before us, pouring us each a glass of wine. As we drank, it had a proper reviving effect and snapped me out of it. We sat and talked awhile and she asked if I had any questions. I couldn't think of any. Another couple or two came in and sat at this long table. Then the couple who had visited me entered and the lady sat next to me with my guide on the other side. More couples kept coming in and took their places at the table. Then a man and woman brought in trays of food, dishes and silverware. Then the Captain came in and sat on the other side of his wife. The four of us were sitting at about the center of the table and all around the table were couples. I'd like to mention that there were always couples, a man and lady, everywhere I went. They always worked in pairs. It was later explained to me why this was.

After the captain came in all the seats were full so everyone just started in eating. There was no grace said or formality of any kind. A waiter filled our glasses with wine and we ate. Several bottles of wine were on the table. The food was delicious. We talked and ate and they asked me questions, that is the captain and his wife and the two who brought me aboard did. They all spoke English, none of the others did. But when they directed a question at me, I could sort of pick it up or understand what they were asking. It was necessary for the captain to interpret for me. My replies they could under- stand too or the Captain filled them in. They asked me questions, like any- one else would, about the customs or practices on earth. They didn't tease me or joke back and forth, or if they did I didn't catch the joke, though they seemed to laugh. There were remarks between them. They took turns asking questions concerning conditions on the Earth. Among the questions were, how we used money? Why we had wars? They couldn't seem to understand why we fight or what war is like. I tried to explain the best I could and the Captain interpreted what I had said. They couldn't understand why we had wars. They were interested in our money system also and especially mentioned Inc. They couldn't seem to understand what Inc. was in the first place and why it was necessary. They were interested in our social practices and customs and asked questions of me. They asked about our religions and didn't seem to understand our certain formalities and gestures, why we call it worship and what it was for. There was one particular question that I won't forget. A lady at the end of the table asked me about childbirth and relations between man and wife. The she asked, "Do earth men really use their wives for beasts, use them to carry burdens and have babies?" I never realized it before and was ashamed to admit it, but told her it was true. There was a decided change in the atmosphere toward me and I felt it. The captain did also and, after he explained to them what the real earth conditions were, they seemed satisfied. He told them that we were going through a stage now which they, or their ancestors had already been through. Then their friendly attitude returned and the visit was very pleasant.

After the meal was finished, the couples just got up and walked out with- out saying "excuse me" or anything. The captain did the same and finally only my guide and I and the other couple were left. We sat and talked a while longer, then got u land went into the other room that we had passed. We took seats in there. Against the wall was a large screen, like a blackboard, and before it was a little table with a pointer on it. We sat in front of this table and screen, and about 50 chairs were arranged in back of us. People came in and sat down until all the chairs were occupied. Then the captain came and walked up to the table. He didn't look around or assume any pose. He just picked up the pointer and went to work. As he turned toward the screen, it lit up and figures and pictures began to appear. There were symbols and vertical lines. He'd take his pointer, point at the different objects and explain them. I sat there fascinated by the many symbols, angular lines, commandments, which we have and are often referred to as the law, are enforced in all planets of the Solar System from Venus. It seemed to me that when law was mentioned, although it did not necessarily mean the constitution or ten commandments, it was just as binding and contained all other laws. That is the way these things were explained to me.

They then went on to tell me about their social system, marriage and many other of our customs, for instance, entertainment, work, recreation and etc. They do work, but don't believe in overworking, saying it causes as much damage as underworking. They don't kill themselves by overworking as we do at times and I agree with them. There's a time for work and a time for play there. The marriage system was radically different from ours. There are no marriage ceremonies there for they believe our marriage ceremony is worthless. They say that the civil ceremonies and formalities we go through are without authority, for God himself never gave any preacher, priest, lawyer judge or civil government the authority to perform a ceremony of marriage. Insofar as the actual, true, legal marriage is concerned, it is worthless and worse still a racket on this planet. They don't have separations here. You may be sure they choose the right mate. How, I cannot tell you at this time as they told me not to do so. Childbirth is just as different as it can be, but I can't go into that either at this time. This is the second part of the lecture.

The third part of the lecture I cannot repeat very much of, not that it is forbidden, but it is so radically different from what you are used to, you just wouldn't understand it at this time. If the conditions were proper, I could go into it. There is no time limit set. I was specifically asked not to write any part of the third lecture. But this question we're speaking of is so unconventional and so different from anything that is known on the subject, that it simply could not properly be spoken about haphazardly. Jesus, when he was on earth, spoke to the multitudes in one language and the disciples and select few in another for the very same reason. They could not bear it and the general public also cannot bear it now, or understand in the first place, the radical departures they would hear. If I were to write about these marriage relations as I heard them and I were capable of a limited explanation, not a newsstand here would be permitted to sell it. Not because it's vulgar either. There is nothing vulgar about it, but it is simply too wide a departure from our system and then preachers would have to tell the truth, which would be too bad for them.

They do have community care for children there. I can say that. They do not necessarily remain with their families. Only by permission can a couple have their children in their home if they want to. Children must be born by permission. There is no haphazard business of just having a flock of kids. The permission is granted by the master of that particular community, but originates at a much higher level. So far as parent love does, it doesn't exist there. They love all children alike. One couple or mother will love all children alike. No separate love exists between parents though. There is a more general love between relatives. But with man and wife it is different. The soul of mankind is the two elements, male and female, brought together in balance. The soul is not complete alone. There is no soul just male or just female. A complete soul is male and female together.

They would always be one being in any constellation, the same male and female. They come from infinity together and return the same way. I might describe it this way. From the Soul mass of Infinity or the beginning, there is a place where there is mass matter, male and female. Now, when it comes from there, it's a certain amount of male mass and female mass and it comes together, not spiritual form. Though it had no depth, you might say it is essence when it comes out of infinity. It gradually develops a form and later a spiritual form or pattern, then a physical form and breathes, or material form. Then the material and spiritual forms are balanced together and they become one. But always the male and female together. There is no separation between the original male and female.

I've been asked about divorces and they are possible. However, it can only be accomplished by the authority, who brought the two together in the first place in infinity, the most high, all powerful force which we call God. Since it was this force that brought them together, only this force can separate them. It might happen once in a trillion times. I wouldn't say it was impossible. I could be done but he, alone, could do it. I mean God. Others might call it something else, but he is the all supreme power, Christ. The word Christ means an office, just like the word 'presidency of the United States' or 'office of president.' It is the authority, you understand, but there is a personality there, a president with a name. Christ is an office and has a personality called Jesus, who is in authority. Spiritually his name is Michael although we call him Jesus, here. He is the prince of this particular planet and materially and physically is called Jesus. He is the spiritual authority for this planet. There was a definite physical and material crucification and He is now on the planet Venus, known as Michael.

There have been and are today certain masters, such as Budda Confuscious and many others, scattered all over the face of the earth. They are in Tibet and Egypt now and there is at least one on the North American continent, maybe more, but there are not too many and they are not all High Masters. Jesus was a high master, a prince of masters. The masters, as we speak of them, who are and have been on this earth, do not rank as high as Jesus. All the true teachings that come here come through Jesus. Many of the teachings from India, Tibet, China, etc., which claim to have been derived from masters, have been distorted by others who call themselves masters, but are not. This is also true of the Christian religion and Buddism. Now there is a near master, a neophite, who has traveled the true path to mastership, gained wisdom, is able to perform what we call miracles does healing and many other things and claims to be a master. He has advanced, but has fallen short of true mastership.

We had this in Egypt, for instance, when Moses appeared before the Pharoah. He threw his staff down and it became a serpent. The other masters did the same thing, but Moses proved he was a true master when his serpent ate the others. It is the goal of all of us to become masters. Of the twelve apostles, 11 died. Only one passed into mastership upon this planet, without his body decomposing, and that was John.

The symbol of the immaculate conception is not what it's said to be in the Bible, like the picture of a lady with a halo around her head and an innocent expression and someone kneeling in front of her. That is not it. There is a universal law of creation all over. It runs through the entire universe, even to Earth. It is the same law, expanded of course, but the principle is the same everywhere. It would take an extended and complicated explanation, but it would require the uniting of the two elements and originally in its true form, that is spiritual.

After the third and last lecture was over, I was tired out. I was assisted out and we had another drink. Then I was informed that it was time for me to return home. My original two guides and I stood on the same platform between the rails, and many members of the crew gathered in the hall to tell me goodbye. The master and his wife were not present at that time, but just before I left they appeared and came over to bid me goodbye. The door on which we stood opened and we went down into the tube. The door above was still open and I looked up and saw the master and his wife. There was no hand shaking, just a gesture. Then they bid me God Speed. The door above closed and the one under our feet opened and we were in the same room we had been in before. I wasn't told when we took off, but I could feel it. In a very short while, I sat in the same seat and the pilot tended to his business of driving, while the lady went to a cupboard and opened it. She took out a bottle and glasses and poured me a drink. Then we stopped. As the man got off his stook, a door opened and he told me we were standing over my home now. They said that if I was afraid to go alone, they would accompany me, but if not, they would not go. After what I had seen I told them I wasn't afraid. So they bid me goodbye, opened the door and I landed almost squarely on the same steps from where I left, in front of my own door. I saw no bright lights or influence about me at all. I just simply went down, fast. I landed OK and it was just getting, daylight.

I am often asked the question, could this have possibly been a dream? I think it is POSSIBLE, yet I cannot believe it very probable. In the first place, as said in the very beginning, if I had fallen asleep and sat there in my chair all night dreaming, it seems more than likely that I would have other dreams, or at least distortions. It does not seem likely that I would have had such a clear and distinct picture of a dream which lasted all night. Further, it has been my experience with dreams, that they are very hard to remember after a very short time. This was not the case here. I never had any trouble remembering this right down to minute details. Today, after four years, this whole picture is as clear to me as it was the next day, June 12th, 1956.

Could it have been imagination? If one can believe that a person of my background and education could have possibly imagined and built up such a story as this, then he is welcome to believe that it is all imagination. Could it have been an astral experience? I have had numerous astral experiences since my first one in 1918. I believe that based upon these experiences, I can say positively that is was not astral.

Did you not read stories from other men's work and rehash them? I will make an affidavit that I have never in my life read in any other place anything that could be a basis for the foregone story. I have never read a condensed story, I have never heard one lecture, I have never read a book on the subject of possible interplanetary communications. Never a book on science, astronomy, astrology or medicine. I have never visited a fortune teller or a spiritual seance. I have never been hypnotised nor have I ever seen anyone hypnotised except by myself. The things I tell, I received from sources outside this world, believe it or not.

Can you prove your story to be true? Yes, if one is in a proper state of mind to receive evidence of reasonable logic and that which has been used for centuries as indisputable evidence.

Sometimes people ask me, "What do you honestly think about this?" This, of course, implies that I have not been honest in recounting it. Here, I shall be as honest before GOD and man, as I know how to be. To me this is REAL, in fact, it is the greatest reality of my life. We have a quotation in your bible, Heb 11:1, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." This is an erroneous statement. In the first place, no one knows who wrote this statement. In fact, it is not known who wrote the Book of Hebrew in the New Testament, nor who translated it. The original statement in this case should read: FAITH IS THE SUBSTITUTE FOR THE SUBSTANCES AND IS THEREFORE THE ONLY EVIDENCE YOU CAN NOW HAVE OF THE THINGS THAT YOU CANNOT SEE.

Anyone knows that faith is not a substance or matter. In the absences of material substance, we must accept faith as evidence of things we have not been able to see with our material senses. Now we have been told over and over for thousands of years, That GOD through Jesus Christ, would not suffer mankind to be destroyed utterly. Up to the present time, we have had to accept this on FAITH alone, because we have had no material evidence that GOD could or would save mankind. In this the last days of this dispensation, we find ourselves faced with possible utter annihilation from the face of the Earth, and possibly the destruction of the Earth itself, by an atomic war. We cannot see any hope of escaping this with means provided by ourselves. There is no defense against an all out atomic war, yet GOD has promised us protection. We have believed in him, but now at this crucial point we would like some substantial evidence to bolster our faith. This is exactly what we have in the space ships and the people who fly them. When these ships with their tremendous speeds, their powerful gravity control equipment and other wonders, are made manifest materially to you as they have to myself and others, you will have the material substance, and will not have to depend entirely upon the substitute of FAITH.

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